Chris Cuomo responds to Trump's handling of family diagnosis


CNN’s Chris Cuomo reacts to President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and response to his family being diagnosed with Covid-19.



  1. Fredo, the Dems, CNN and others alike are so overly paranoid it's laughable… Thank God President Trump will be driving them all even more crazy for: 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS, 4 MORE YEARS! STFB Psychos

  2. lmao! like this douche canoe has anything of truth or value to say,, lmao poor fredo, gonna be flip'n burgers before long… look up useless, his pic will be the illustration

  3. Fredo, why is the death rate actually going down? Fredo, what percentage of the positive tests in the 'red' are ill? Fredo, what is the capacity of the Emergency rooms? Jimmy Olsen would ask these questions, Fredo the leftist shill not so much. You think all this angst has anything to do with the election? LOL

  4. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC AT ALL!! GIV US REAL STATISTICS. The vast majority of people don't develop the COVID!! The measures against the coronavirus appear to be more harmful than this weak virus itself!! GIVE OUR FREEDOMS BACK – WE REQUIRE A NORMAL LIFE!!

  5. His line in his family, straight from his father to his son, was never taught empathy and actually actively taught to think empathy is a bad virtue. It's Bizarro World in the Trump family. Everything the rest of us would consider good, they consider, with conviction, is evil. And they're not the only people raised like that, scary enough.


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