China is Now More Expensive than the USA


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  1. IDK, that's not terrible, especially for a major city. Apartments in any major US city are often just as small, or smaller, and about the same price or more. My cousin lived in a suburb of New Jersey, across from NYC, and had about 500 sq ft of space for $1300, and this was 5 years ago. The same space would be much more expensive today. This was a studio apartment, so no bedrooms, and the walls were PAPER THIN.

    Hell, even in a nondescript suburb of any given sleepy town in Florida, you're gonna pay over $1000 a month for about 590-850 sq ft of space. Even trailers and/or super ghetto apartments in Florida are like $750+ a month, not including utilities, and public transport here is a joke. Career opportunities really aren't great here, either, unlike larger cities such as NYC.

    What you're talking about sounds exactly like what happened in the US starting in the mid to late 1990s. The housing bubble finally crashed along with the economy in 07-08.

  2. Are cockroaches a big problem in China? The density of the apartments and population is so high. A lot of them also look a bit run down, not entirely clean. Also street vendors and food waste all over. Are roaches just everywhere? I'm curious.

  3. America is definitely one of the cheapest place I've lived in. But it depends on the city. Chicago was pretty cheap. Tokyo and Hong Kong were definitely the most expensive places I've lived in.

  4. I'm living in Xuzhou which is a city of 10 million people and my rent is 1,800 RMB a month for a 3 bedroom apartment which is less than 300 US dollars a month for a 3 bedroom apartment. I'm making 26,500 RMB before taxes which comes out to about 22,000 RMB a month pay for less than 18 hours of teaching and office hours which are used to make teaching plans and grade work. So I'm making nearly 3,500 US dollars and paying 300 a month for rent, and my utilities are about 50 dollars a month including internet and phone bill on top of water, gas, and electricity… you guys are too stuck in the mentality of the Chinese Megacities, most of China is not the 4 largest cities. A foreigner can easily live like a king and work less than half as much as a Chinese local…

  5. Germany has many companies in rural areas. Even world market leaders often are in rural areas. That keeps house prices down and keeps cities healthy. China need to do that, improve quality of life in rural areas and small cities.

  6. I'm in China right now for a visit and I agree. When I lived here in the early 2010's prices were about 30-50% of USA. Now they are at least on par if not higher. Even in VERY rural China, the prices are similar.

  7. A regular meal in LA is an average of $10 considering healthy fast food. $1400 for a 1 bedroom (400-600 sq ft) if your lucky and bus rides are $1.75 ea. Gas is $3.60/gal using 87 octane. Groceries after usually $100/week shopping at smart and final. A pack of gum is $2.

  8. you guys dont know what your talking about.. i pay $1,800 a month for a studios at the end of brooklyn in New York an hour and 20 mins away from manhattan.and that dosent include utilities..i would love to pay 1,069 a month


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