CHAOS & CARNAGE: 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix WRAP


Our latest Formula 1 2020 feature wrapping-up the Tuscan Grand Prix. First time F1 host Mugello was proud to celebrate Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix with the …



  1. <<< WOW >>>
    Did you even bother to say anything about Lewis Hamilton's tshirt asking to "ARREST ALL COPS" ???! You guys are PATHETIC. Doesn't that bring F1 into disrepute ? And isnt there at least 2 rules against that in FIA's rules and 3 rules in the Sporting Rules of F1 ? Why isn't Hamilton in front of FiA in Paris this week ??? Are you also one of these F1 journalists who kneel at the feet of Formula-1's overlords, trembling with fear that if you report the TRUTH on something that actually DID TAKE PLACE at THE RACE, something that did bring F1 into disrepute, you would lose your access to the pit lane and to the drivers. F1 better wake up because the horrible and uncompetitive racing, and Lewis' BLM Marxist politics won't keep us coming back ! #F1racingMatters

  2. I love how every time the "slow mule is mentioned", the WHY they are so slow isnt mentioned. …and the WHY is of course, that they built their car around cheating for engine power, a phenomenally bad decision by a terrible Principle, made because they thought the rule changes would be NEXT year and that they could just cheat through the end of 2019 with no repercussions, and even if they got caught, no one expected it to impact THIS season at "the prancing horse".

  3. Hamilton needs to be VERY careful about what he wears and the messages he displays on Teeshirts etc. He's moving in a wrong direction. The FIA are now investigating the shirt he wore on Sunday at the presentation. To say "arrest the cops who killed ************* is an unintelligent stance. (He does not know the ins & outs of the court case!) If the FIA are not political that will also mean that they do NOT agree with taking a knee for the BLM cult. I think many Hamilton fans have moved to either Bottas or Verstappen!

  4. Hamilton's lowbrow low class stunt should be looked at by the FIA. It's rhetoric from people like Hamilton that's leading to Police officers being targeted & literally assassinated. Hamilton is so disconnected from reality from living in a bubble allowing himself to be kept uninformed & ignorant he hasn't even figured out BLM is looked as a Domestic Terrorist group at this point & have murdered over people of color in their months of rioting destroying people's lives


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