Celebrity Dating Culture: South Korea vs. USA [KDRAMA NEWS SHOT]


AKA Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin? HELL YES! We’re trying something new with our friends #DramaMilk https://www.dramamilk.com ] & #DramaCurrent …



  1. After watching this video and reading thru all the insights here, I just want to add my two cents here, aside from the obsessiveness of the fans, the management agencies of these actors and kpop groups are tolerating these kind of behaviors to the point of forbidding them to date and meddling in their private lives for fear of anger of the fans. When I first started getting into kdramas, I didn't understand why they call dating between two single people a scandal and still do. Also, when a celebrity dates or marries a non-celebrity, they wouldn't even reveal their names or show their faces for fear of "backlash" from the fans which is kind of sad and at the same I understand it to protect their privacy. Lastly, thanks to @Ella Elle, that was a really good insight and I never knew about OIM and the Sasaengs until now.

  2. The whole kpop, kdrama world kind of reminds me of the old Hollywood studio system.They seem to control every aspect of these people's lives,especially their personal lives.I'm guessing the really big stars have more freedom,but the others ,especially the young ones,have no choice.

  3. The main problem is how the fans are obsessed with the celebrities! They think they belong to them n have the right to know every single thing about them. They forget these people are humans who have their own lives before being a celebrity. Just hate this whole celebrity dating culture in korea!!!! Even the agencies promote them in that way they ban them from dating, deny even if they're dating etc. They could play a big role in fixing this whole shitty way thinking but they won't because all they care is about their money and have no interest in their celebrity's life!!! GOSH I JUST HATE THEM!!!!!!

  4. This is off the subject but why would you sign a kpop contract without your lawyer obviously it’s a whole different type of culture over in South Korea ,when you have so much power as a group yet you’re still under control of an agency and you’re signing a contract at such a young age you think you want like a lawyer there for your interest not the agency interest Just bugs me and then in that contract you get what you want you’ve got the power to make some demands but it’s weird how artist don’t have the power the agencies just have the power over you? Yikes

  5. My first instinct is to say grow up South Korea on the dating issues and the fans interfering with the cat I couldn’t believe when some pop celebrity cat was allegedly found out side that the agency had to come out and say that they have the cat the cat didn’t work out with the other cats with the celebrity cat is safe now and the agency had to make a statement?oh my God seriously seriously? And now all the stuff with the dating to me I think it’s publicity how can some celebrities can come out and they’re fine with the relationship and other ones they were just like oh my god oh no no they’re dating they’re just dating they’re not killing each other, I blame the agency I think the kid fans get it from the adult agency , the hate that goes on yikes, I thought it was funny when in the chat room V of BTS came in and he didn’t know what he was doing and then I think army went after him and I thought this is a great lesson for the fans to stop bullying being mean and tearing other people down who are new in chat and to be nice and considerate of them because you don’t know if it’s a BTS member you’re ripping apart,

  6. My cutie pies from Clean With Passion are apparently hiding from Dispatch because of their obvious closeness in the BTS videos.. The whole idea of what makes up a'scandal' in Korea seems the polar opposite of here in the US.Fascinating stuff.


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