Celebrities React To Rioters Storming U.S. Capitol Building


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  1. Well these idiots saying oh ther white that's why they weren't shot, they weren't shot because they heavily out numbered the law enforcement, by a couple thousand even if every bullet hit someone they theyd still be out numbered. Not everything is about race pls quit making it out to be. And i like how quick they are to criticize the officers when 2 were killed and they were beat and harrased for hours on end. Show some respect, you might be in a movie but you just proved yall are low lifes

  2. Where were these Celebrities during the summer rioting and burning of small businesses?
    Storming the capital is what every American should do when you want your voice to be heard. You are taking it to the source of the problem. How did the riots solve anything last summer? I saw people storming department stores and burn others down, yeah, that's the way to get your voice heard.

  3. I know there are some people in this comment section that are of the left/democratic persuasion. So let me just say all this. I am a proud patriotic American, to an EXTENT I agree with what the storming of Capitol hill was about, hell I'll even agree that the ones about to be put into office are traitors and should probably be shot. HOWEVER, what happened with the police officer and the civilians being killed and all the property destruction was in fact a serious tragedy and SHOULD NOT have happened. Seriously if they want to do something like this effectively and efficiently and MINIMIZE collateral damage that would have most likely CRIPPLED the democratic party, was a SURGICAL raid to eliminate the ones in power. I'm not saying I really WANTED this to happen but it would have gotten the job done and no cops or civilians would have had to die. It was a sloppy show of force and it made ALL the right/Republicans look like terrorists, just like with ANTIFA and BLM. I'm a Trump supporter only because I wanted the lesser of the 2 evils. Siding with Biden is basically saying you're siding with someone who wants to TAKE AWAY your rights.

    I respect your views and your rights to hold them, but I ask you do the same for us and for me.

  4. This is all i am saying we need to be able to vote for people we want in not who they want in. We need to see all the candidates. Not 6 of the they are our people. I be first one to say i didn't vote election is garbage now.

  5. In the movie Inglorious Bastards, Brad Pitt carves swastikas on the Nazi’s foreheads so that they can’t just make themselves invisible after the war ends.

    I wonder if the insurrectionists who betrayed our country and constitution, and who stormed our nation’s capital, and who are now laid off from their jobs will now put “Trump supporter” on their resumes?


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