Celebrities Losing Their Minds In Quarantine (Part 2)


Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew McConaughey, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…these are just some of the celebrities who seem to be …



  1. Record booze sales during quarantine as liquor stores were deemed "essential" & notice back in Dec 2019 or Jan 2020 all of a sudden anyone with a prescription for Antibuse or disulfiram were cut off due to it's lack of production. I certainly don't think that's a coincidence

  2. So many rich untalented people who demand attention from "commoners" for their whatever content. I mean most of it is showing off luxury lifestyle while preteding to be like others by presenting boring uncreative content.

  3. let's see if all that money still buys them freedom and happiness. Being under house arrest isn't so easy for the rich? awww- too bad, better than being hung in time square where All you blood drinking, devil worshiping, child killers belong… Rot in hell scum bags.

  4. these wealthy elites apart of free masonry , secret society and occult worship , they need to be hung and set on fire immediately , ALL of them and then we need to take back our freedoms , liberties , speech , land and nature ALL BACK , fuck your systems your taxes , your jobs , your laws and police , your fake science and news , we're not buying it anymore , we're sick and fucking tired of you and this adrenochrome market you have been running is disgusting and beyond vile like your egyptian beliefs you're pushing which lead to it , it's a sin and desecration to our world.

  5. The people that will rather live with their heads in the sand. Are in for a rude awakening when they learn their idols have been arrested or executed. But when you worship people as Gods you are just asking for trouble. The Bible says worshipping false Gods is one of the biggest sins.

  6. All that coded language. It seems some of them think we are still sleeping. They are worried AF. Hank's SNL deep fake said he was "the canary in a coalmine." Did he sing? If so, they all know it and they are FREAKING.


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