Can Barcelona and Real Madrid stop Atletico from winning La Liga? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens debate the biggest football stories of the week in quick hits. Up for discussion today: (0:00) Bayern Munich thrash …



  1. Barca fans should stop saying “Suarez need to go but just not to the rival” – this sounds really stupid. Because according to Barca fans, Suarez is finished & useless, does it really matter if he joins a direct rival? He is supposed to have zero impact, contributing nothing to Atletico. Still remember clearly a lot of barca fans celebrating wildly when Suarez joined Atletico, saying he will drag Atletico down and indirectly helping Barca. And blaming him for not made runs & pressured defense at Barca? Hey he's the 9, his main duty is to score goals, why you would need your forwards to run back to defend, where are your defenders? Did Griezmann & Braithwaite defending give you the goals Suarez did? Funny though Suarez is running a lot at Atletico now. No it's not about revenge or motivation (if you think that way you're too obsessed with him), it's just because Atletico is a well managed club and Simeone is a world class coach, their medical & coaching staff help Suarez return to his best and Simeone knows perfectly how to get the best out of his players. Suarez is still world class, just because the Barca coaches didn't know how to play him doesn't mean he's finished. Simeone knows how to play him, that's the difference.

  2. Being a barca fan, I’ll be happy to catch that top 4 spot right now. Cops del ray is the only cup we can win this season. And it’s been a long time since atleti won the la liga, it’s always been real or barca.

  3. Messi and Suarez are so close personally- you can bet Messi looks at how Suarez went to a defensive minded club and is thriving… If Man City defense continues to impress Messi will go there

  4. Anyone knows where has Julien Laurens got his journalist education?! I'm watching this because of Gab Marcotti, otherwise I never use a min. of my life to hear Laurens' opinion!

  5. Im really sorry but this PSG spokesperson/Neymars bff couple of days ago was saying "who does he think he is" about El Capitan and today hes saying Sell Ramos but keep Varane because (Varane is French and that makes him better than El Capitan!) Then in extra time the actor/footballer guy has the same issue! Even Zizou suffers from the same disease! Why do every French guy has such superiority complex?

    P.S. if you are so good why does France have only 1 Champions League trophy in the history of football?

  6. What we have learned is that Barca didn't know how to use Suarez. Barca fans expecting him to dribble through the entire opposition and run like a 20 year old even though he's scoring worldy goals that only Luis Suarez can score.

  7. Barca are weeping now . Just having 1 bad season doesn’t mean he is finished I know he missed so many chances then imagine what about ronaldo he played with benzema , morata …

  8. WARNING: Just my observation and you can disagree but no toxicity please.

    Suarez joining Athletico Madrid was good for him in a way because some deluded fans could know that Messi wasn't the one and only player who carried Barca, he did scored, assisted regularly creating and breaking records but Suarez was always the bigger factor who was always under the shadow of expensive and high rated players. Just see the difference, Barca believed he's no more sharp and Athletico trusted and rated him which boosted him more. Messi is the best player in the world individually but he can't lead a team nor handle the pressure. He was, he is and he will be best but need to be kept away from responsibility and pressure. I'm not Barca fan, I'm just an English Premier League fan who enjoys watching all the major football leagues. Also, majority of Barca fans called him out when his form dipped, just dig old posts on Barca's YouTube channel or Barca fans created channels. There was so much disrespect and ungrateful.
    (True football fans shows patience and logical, the rest of fans are plastic glory hunters)


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