Camerota presses Pence on Trump's speech


Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday dismissed suggestions that there was confusion surrounding President Donald Trump’s address to the nation about …



  1. She was sooo annoying. Now Mr Vice President I'm gonna "talk fast" if you don't mind cause I have a lot of questions. And I have to sell fake news. Interrupt.. interrupt.. interrupt. She might be a milf she's also a communist who'll juggle machetes then eat your face off.

  2. I was reading all these comments and kept wondering to myself what was the common thread. It’s like all of were so in tune with each other. But then I realized what it was that you were actually commenting on and it hit me. CNN! What a idiot I am! Told me everything I needed to know!

  3. He sounds like trump. Tell us the truth get the testing out there so people will know we have over 300 million people in United States guys only tested 1100 1200 come on man you still sound like trump

  4. Pence is such a pathetic piece of shit….he lies as much as his big buddy, Chump…..I think Chump only banned travel from Europe….and NOT the UK….to hurt countries that he has a beef with their leaders…..such as Germany, France….
    but guess what, folks? Do you know how easy it is to get from Europe to the UK?

  5. Blah blah blah. Talking as slowly as he can to provide no meaningful answers. He doesn't even know how many cases we already have in the US, let alone where the cases are. And he's the head of the task force??? God help us.

  6. Except US is not doing test like other countries. Pence numbers are flawed and he knows it. In two weeks Trump is cutting food stamps for 40% of low income people! Consequence? #trumovirusUS BS! He lied people are having to pay for the test!

  7. CNN: are so absorbed with putting Trump down they have become obsessed. In becoming frantic they have lost the ability of basic reason. Everyone is trying to pull together in solving the present situation, we don't need crazies. Good thing Mike Pence kept talking so we didn't have to listen to stupid questions.

  8. Oh yes! The media is the enemy! Look at how she is asking terrible questions! Look at how he's answering her questions with actual answers! Pense and Trump are the ones you should listen to because the media is not helping! Look people! Look at how wonderful our government is! Smh this is sarcasm just to make sure you understand

  9. How can morally depleted democrats & this trash fake news network not be ashamed for obviously wanting & hoping people die in order to discredit the President? That's how low-class lowbrow the democrat Party has become

  10. To all americans. Since 2019 before Wuhan was affected by the virus, many americans already dies with a flu like disease. This virus was the doing of CIA,CDC and trump administration in order to control Asian economies. Trump was behind this virus in order for him to be rerelected again. Does the 2 seniors who died in a washington nursing home travelled to other places???? Take a look at this scenario on how it spread quickly in the U.S in just a couple of weeks.

  11. you can not get tested in King County without a Doc referral. Docs are only allowed to request a test if you are extreme risk, are basically in dire condition with pneumonia, or if u can prove you had contact with someone who has tested positive. total bullshit. read the king county public health webpage right now. thousands who have symptoms are not able to get tested. they say if not an extreme case then just stay home you dont need to be tested. facts. go look for yourself.

  12. Pence sounds like a salesman selling a technical product he has no clue about. He picks up key words and phrases and uses them without knowing what he means. PS his statistics are also messed up and are not accurate because you don't know how many people are actually infected in the USA.
    Really they are still saying that the risk is low,
    PS you should have asked him when they would be firing the people that are contradicting Trump's message on this.


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