Burnett: If you thought you’d heard it all, listen to this statement


CNN’s Erin Burnett discusses the war inside the GOP between conservatives like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) versus former …



  1. If Kevin McCarthy crosses Liz Cheney, he will never be Speaker.

    She's smarter, she's tougher and she is her father's daughter. My guess is she has a long memory and she takes her vengeance cold.

    If McCarthy wasn't such a gutless, spineless gobsmacker, I'd feel sorry for him.

  2. It sounds to me the GOP, and sorry for putting that on capital letters, are trying to become a fascist and a dictatorship party in the USA. They see the potential of becoming this and that is very, very concerning and very dangerous…

  3. List of things that are cover by facts are what I will say!
    1. The election was never stolen,it was podcast all over the nation on all new channels,even a faker fox channel!
    2. The attack on the capital was done by Trump followers and was being blame on black lives matter protestors when none of them was on that location! That event was on news all over and you know it was Trump followers with all those stupid flags saying Trump 2020,like why
    3. Trump is the worst president ever in history and the reason why is because he never condemn white supremacy in the first place,and tjat was on the debate that was on every news outlet too!
    So again,Trump is the one that cause us problems and allow racism to be shown and not punish at all!

  4. looks like COnservatism is obsolete.. very few on the Right are concerned with "conservative principles..: .. it's now an all or nothing power grab

  5. Dear Ms. Burnett, you are looking at this too simplistically. Cheney's constant criticism of Trump is not an attack on the former President, it's an assault on the millions upon millions who voted for him. Cheney's move is not smart. Wyoming has already issued a censure against her. It's obvious that Cheney and Romney do not represent the Republican party.

  6. CNN, Why do you only report white cop vs black people and not the actual homicides in Chicago, New York, California, Baltimore, Detroit etc? Does it ruin your narrative?

  7. Don’t talk to us Republicans about hypocrisy. Polls show more Democrats believed 2016 was stolen than Republicans believe 2020 was stolen and you bitched and complained about it for 4 years. The difference is us Republicans have proof while you libtards were going off of your butt hurt feelings. Literally all we want is assurance that 2020 wasn’t stolen with more than just “because I said so” from Democrats because that ain’t good enough.
    The only liars here are the Democrats refusing to acknowledge truth and proof. You want unity? Well you ain’t gonna get unity without compromise and we sure as hell aren’t going to compromise over your bullshit lies.

  8. Out of all the evil things that our government has done or allowed over the last 40+ years, who would’ve thought some weirdo putting their foot on Nancy Pelosi’s desk was the “biggest threat to Democracy”?


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