Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers [FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS] | NBA on ESPN


Watch the highlights as Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets take on Collin Sexton and the Cleveland Cavaliers. #NBA #Sports …



  1. If Brooklyn doesn't realize very soon that they are NOW circled on every teams CALENDAR then they are gonna take alot of losses…They're gonna get every teams best game, like the Lakers..

  2. They are too small….go look at points in the paint for Cleveland over 60….kyrie can't guard and harden can't guard you can only outscore ppl for so long….KD tried and he can't guard…

  3. Wow – I’m not normally critical of the refs but this game was pretty skewed in favour of Brooklyn for some really key calls late in the game – no offensive foul on Kyrie in the final seconds of the 4th, missed travel call on Harden during OT. Thankfully Sexton shows up big to rightfully secure the W.


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