BREAKING: UK coronavirus curve starts to flatten


Chief medical adviser Patrick Vallance says it is possible we are seeing the beginning of change in the number of COVID-19 cases. SUBSCRIBE to our …



  1. China South Korea & Germany much lower & seems to be much better equipped to deal with masks lockdowns ect.. that’s where we need to be better control…

  2. Every country is now pretending their curve is starting to flatten, when we know it's a downright lie. Every countries economy is collapsing so of course they are going to pretend it's getting better. We are in the great downplay

  3. Maybe if they utilise the industries willing to help! we are overlooking the basics PPE companies wholesalers warehouses should of been emptied for NHS the car bodyshops and Suppliers for Masks and spray suits we are at war with a Virus yet the Government are reactive rather than proactive.

  4. We'll see, It might spike again because there's alot of people to test and it spreads easy and incubates longer than usual, But hoping for the best. I'm tired of this already.

  5. How long can this pantomime go on? Dont believe a word of it especially Boris being in intensive care. He wouldnt be in there unless he was intubated. They cant test or isolate the virus and the immunology of this so called "infectious disease" is corrupted. The inventor of the PCR test said it should not be used for infectious diseases. He died last year. A complete scam.. A government of occupation and global contro

  6. Where? I don't see flatten this is not like china that they can flat it in one day by forcing to make them stay home. In Democratic county people will not listen.

  7. The video on radio London with David ike last night is one of the most revealing videos around YouTube keep deleting it but it keeps going back up.. Everybody should question everything.

  8. i think IF they open up again fully without doing so in stages we will see a spike in cases,So what will be the next line of action and how will it plan out not sure how this will be 100% under control any time soon as NO one know's the next step after lockdown as no country has got that far, who goes first us/spain/italiy/usa

  9. Stay safe everyone.
    A kind of admission that there have been fewer deaths in Germany because of TESTING.
    I understand deaths in The Midlands DOUBLED overnight?
    Hoping we haven't been forgotten just because we're not London?

  10. It's still too early to suggest it's starting to flatten we are not doing enough testing to get a true understanding how many people in the UK have CV19 the confirmed cases are an underestimate


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