[BREAKING NEWS] Stephen A. shocked Giannis wins 2nd straight NBA MVP award over LeBron


[BREAKING NEWS] Stephen A. shocked Giannis wins 2nd straight NBA MVP award over LeBron.



  1. Stephen A Smith is a joke!!! Lebron is as valuable this year as he was last year. Where was all his leadership then?? The Lakers won the west because they brought in Anthony Davis. Where is all the crying about it being unfair that the Lakers signed Anthony Davis, when they already had Lebron?? Why the double standard?? All these talking heads beat the Warriors down for two years, claimed it was unfair that they signed KD. Even though the Warriors Big 3 were all drafted by the Warriors. And they topped it off with KD. How many of the Lakers Big 3 were drafted??? ZERO!!! Dude is not a MVP.

  2. these guys are pissing me off the fact that they are forgeting that lebron was trash without AD and now be cause he has AD they are now saying shit.. neither Lebron nor Gianiss deserved this award give it to AD nt lebron or Gianis

  3. it is a regular season award, I believe LeBron should have won it. However this is how the MVP has always been. Kobe would have at least two, three or even four if this was an individual award and not a team/regular season award.

  4. It’s just MVP …. The award is not that important it’s more about giving the Best individual in the regular season with the best team record a chance to shine … this is why the NBA finals has its own MVP Award

  5. Man people keep talking about kobe got robbed when nash got it …but when it happen noone mention kobe at the moment..some people did mention shaq or even jason kidd..people forget what jason kidd did those years with the nets..jason kidd was making those nj nets team a contender with those fast breaks….it was a point gurds battle man…it was nash stop it man nash was doing big things..kobe i lobe kobe rest in peace but kobe was just shootin gettin buckets and not makin his team better..u people forget the real truth manm.now kobe is dead yall act like kobe was passin and makin people better yeah ok..be real and stay real and stop disrespecting steve nash man

  6. The MVP should go to the best player that year period, not to who's older doing what and who has the better storyline. We all know how this stuff goes at the end. New Orleans had Katrina and won the NFL championship. Houston had a flood and won the MLB pennant. Kobe Bryant(RIP) passes so the championship will go the Lakers regardless. These are just a few I picked out, this is how this shit works out so LBJ should just be happy with getting the championship the league will give him.

  7. This is bullshit odee smh. Giannis is overrated. He just long as hell (pause) and block shots. Other than that he can’t shoot or nothin. LeBron was supposed to have this. LeBron ain’t never get eiminated in the playoffs and still be named MVP. They cheating my guy again smh


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