BREAKING NEWS : President Trump meets Queen at Buckingham Palace


US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have arrived at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall welcomed them at …



  1. He is under tons of criminal investigations! 9 staff members of Trump have been arrested and indicted for corruption! He has packed the EPA with his cronies from the oil and fossil industries! He has deregulated over 2000 rules and regulations meant to protect the environment! The world must not be fooled by this immoral and corrupted conman! #ScumTrump # Billion Dollar Loser!

  2. Just saw some twerp named Owen Jones describe Trump and others on the right as Fascist.Trump is protecting the interest of USA,as a democratic leader.Fascism comes from idiots like Twerp Jones,being so far left, they then look at everyone right of centre as Fascist.This allegedl journalist needs to grow up and think before he uses such irresponsible phrasing.

  3. Quote British conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.. Not a far left loony.
    Donald Trump is silly divisive and dangerous. This from a conservative Prime Minister.
    And so say all of us

  4. All the mean-spirited leftist trolls crawling out from under their stones. Whatever happened to the millennium old human custom of honouring a guest. Despicable grubby littke opportunists like Khan and Corbyn should try a bit of civility, that is, behave in a civilised fashion.


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