Boehner: 'Republicans have to go back to being Republicans'


Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday urged his party to return to its traditional principles, saying a focus on things like fiscal …



  1. We Republicans have finally been woke up to all the bullshit in Washington.WeThePeople are taking back our Country the way our fore Fathers laid out for us.thanks President Donald Trump for everything you have done… Trump 2024 Let’s Roll!

  2. Wow. I just watched the whole video. Cnn if u think that POS a-hole deserved even one kudos on his book or even in humanity, ur insane. Sad. He’s a spin doctor boot licker. Did u even hear his answers? He’s pathetic with no spine. Smh.

  3. Are snake Republicans still Governing. All I see is Oaths being soiled by lying and kissing up to a failed Ex President who lost Senate, House and Presidency.

  4. Democrats have to go back to being the Old White DNC PIantation Party of Jim Crow. Never forget!! Both parties have never seen a National Debt or a MIC Defense budget they didn't pass on first vote. Even Ol' Bernie Sanders always approves Debt and Defense, he's such a two-faced crypto capitalista. October 1st DNC National Evictions begins. Halloween, Bloody Halloween!

  5. This guy could not find common ground on gun control when first graders were murdered? Do he didn't want to find common ground. What a joke, he is as responsible for all the mass murders as Mitch Mcconnell.

  6. It is simply not that easy for the GOP to return to the dignified party it once was. In the 1960s, the Democrats had the same problem with the these people, the Dixie Crats, who left over the Civil Rights Issue. The Party was becoming too Social and inclusive with Liberal ideas, true Democracy for everyone. It became the BIG TENT PARTY. I've been a proud Democrat for 60 years. They couldn't stand it so the Republicans, unfortunately, have inherited these people. They are the Right Wing who have been struggling for years to make their voices heard. They found their voices in Donald Trump. Once the Genie is out of the bottle, how do you get him back in? Trump has driven this Party over the cliff.

  7. Trump was the culmination of ALL things the Republicans stood for since 1994. Please don't act surprised at the traitors of Jan 6th or the right wing terrorists groups. It is what you wanted. Trump was just the head of the pimple. More corruption to follow.


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