Biggest Celebrity FAILS in 2017 (DHR)


More Celebrity News ▻▻ From Justin forgetting his own lyrics to Kendall’s Pepsi ad let’s rundown celeb’s most shocking fails of …



  1. 0:32 forgetting the lyrics of his own song???? excuse me?? that is not his song, he didnt write it or came up with it to begin with. Maybe you mean the cover he did for a song that was originally sang by LUIS FONSI and DADDY YANKEE in SPANISH and since it was a complete success he decided to make a cover for it, which was terrible!!!!

  2. Honestly I'm more mad at Katy Perry for wearing that horrid outfit at the Grammy's. The sequin turtleneck long sleeve totally clashes with the feathered hanging skirt. It's not flattering at all, and neither is her proofed hair. However, her makeup was done well.

  3. Is no one going to comment on how fans were actually dumb enough to call Kim's advertising blackface??? All she did was used a filter to make the picture darker. No where did she mean to come across as portraying a black person, especially in an offensive way. God, people are so damn sensitive nowadays….

  4. Like it or not Jake Paul IS a celeb. He did have a stint on Disney and unfortunately 1 of his songs made it to the lower end of the Billboard 100 list. His stupid antics sometimes manage to make it to semi main stream news, as well.. No he's not A list, but he's not unknown either. To close, The Paul brothers are some of the BIGGEST influencers on this platform you're currently watching this video on.


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