Biden apologizes for saying voters 'ain't black' if they support Trump


Joe Biden apologized hours after he told radio personality Charlamagne tha God that anyone struggling to decide whether to support him or President Donald …



  1. He thought he was being funny. Just shows how fake these people are, dumb and scared little people, it all comes to surface sooner or later and people are waking up.

  2. If Trump had said it CNN would have raised hell…All Biden has to do to win is keep his mouth shut because he can't formulate a complete sentence. And half the time doesn't even know where he is. JOE BIDEN/TARA READE 2020

  3. Stop saying what others can do for you. One person can't fix your life because the quickest they fix or built it up, the quicker they can collapse it. Only you can save your life trust me. I am from Africa, came here at the age of 12 legally learned English and my life is awsome because of the choices I made and held myself accountable for my life.

  4. Charlemagne the God. I can't believe that you would pull a Trump by demanding a "Give" to give a vote. Is that really your heart? Black voters are mostly democratic because of the definition of who & what being democrats stand for. So let's not attach conditions.
    The fact is, mostly left handed people have been very supportive to the democrats. As far as being given special treatment to people such as you and I because our ancestors poured THEIR BLOOD, SWEAT AND LIFE into the building of this country, that's not our benefit. For the most part, those very people lives are still being celebrated today. To be related is a badge of pride.
    Also, those mostly black neighborhoods you're referring to have other nationalities living there too.
    We are just people with our own unique storyline.

  5. Yeah… y’all got to stay away from some words ……! People are people and believe what they believe…. we all get hungry and sick and scared….no race in that ….no nationality in that…and the news media make to much of some petty stuff…..

  6. All of you so-called Christians did you guys forget the passage in the Bible that tells us to look out for those who are less fortunate than us – that is opposite of what republicans stand for – ponder on that. I vote non-republican so others have a chance – so others can survive. Not because I am Black but because I care for those not as fortunate than myself.


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