Biden and Putin meet for tense Geneva talks – BBC News


US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are meeting for their first, highly-anticipated summit. The talks in Geneva, Switzerland, come …



  1. This will be an epic public slaughter, Putin, a very intelligent and shrewd martial artist V O'biden, a very senile pa edo, O'biden will be eviscerated, I am almost sad for his commie supporters.

  2. Open Letter to President Putin and President Biden

    Chief Joseph said “I will fight no more forever”.
    Ever since the time of Adam & Eve, humankind have been playing the blame game.
    Are you not tired of looking over your shoulders?

    If we can all agree we want to live in a peaceful world, why not make it a reality in our time.

    Even in times of war, Peace is the ultimate aim.
    Instead of looking over your shoulders, why not look towards this target of peace together ?

    The combined defence budget of the world in 2016 was $1.686 trillion.

    While you are all clamering to defend against each other, you are actually missing the real enemies of humankind entirely.

    War, Disease, Poverty, and the Walls you build in our minds.

    For example, if you could all agree to divert even 10% of “your” defence budgets into fighting Cancer, then no-one will lose and we all win.

    Let me remind you, "your" defence budgets are actually not even yours to spend in the first place.

    "Your" budget money belongs to the People.

    No if’s, No but’s, No excuses.

    You have played blame games at the cost of humanity for too long now.

    You have built so many walls in our minds, we are all lost in your maze.
    Instead of building walls to separate us, let us tear them all down together.

    If all governments in the world can agree that they want to live in a peaceful world, then we should be able to change the course of humanity, and set our sails in that direction.

    There must be a leap of faith on all sides.

    Think of all the diseases we could eradicate if global defence budgets were put into medical research instead.

    Every single bullet that is manufactured makes the world a less safe place.

    Every single bullet that is manufactured is a waste of valuable resources.

    Chief Joseph didn't just say "I will fight no more", he said "I will fight no more forever".

    Think of the future generations.

    Thank you

  3. i swear listening to the commentators made me nauseous”oooooh did they shake hands? i sweat they shook hands, yeah people are speculating wether they gonna fist bump or hand or heart is a stipulation” stfuuuuuu plzzzzx

  4. At least for supporting Israeli massacre, songs of human rights to Biden neck is irrelevant! Putin is savage autocrat. Both are guilty to their own ground! How they could find a common ground for the World's peace and for themselves????

  5. Just like I thought. We are several hours in to these "live" coverages by the media and we haven't seen any footage of them talking. They won't show us a full version of the meeting or anything even close. Just short clips of Biden after some heavy editing. The same clips will runn on every channel. They let Putin answer questions live, how about Biden? No chance. Anyone who cares to pay attention objectively should be able to see what's happening with our media outlets and coverage of our president.

  6. Sippy Cups handlers pulled the joint press conference because Sippy Cup wouldn't have pre scripted answers written for him from obvious reporters, remember questions have to be submitted first so the answers can be wrote down for Sippy Cup.

  7. Minsk Agreement, Minsk Belarus, Ilya Smirin, Vitebysk, Flag of Vitebysk has Christ on it with Sword, WORD S ⚔️ S WORD, Ezekiel 20 1, Dick Tate Her, Pa Tate Her, Pa Coach El Ah, Coachella, Music Ian, 777 Main Street Station Boise Idaho, U.S. and Zions Banks.
    They do a potato drop in Boise. Ilya Smirins child lives in Boise, Ilya Smirin lives in Israel.
    Notre Dame, Cock and Crown of Thorns
    Ezekiel 20 1, May Ten, Wayne Cock Reign, Bethlehem Records, C.C. Riders, Bethlehem Records Everything

    P.S. if my comments don't mean anything than why do you censor them?

  8. ????? : We destroyed Middle east using different false flag propaganda like Mass Destruction Weapons of Saddam Hussein, Free Syrian Army (I$I$), we came we saw he died…..etc. Now the CHINA? Come on! Covid from CHINA?

  9. the reason why this meeting ended so quickly is because putin can't stand the stink on joe burdens poo in his diapers…or maybe putin ask joe…"why do you have to steal the election?"…suddenly joe farted with a small amount of poo on his diaper that's why meeting's over…poor joe burden…


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