Barcelona are ‘trying to channel’ Dembele in right direction | La Liga


Sid Lowe, Stewart Robson and Shaka Hislop react to the recent statements by Barcelona players about Ousmane Dembele potentially being an effort to help …



  1. I believe Dembele needs to be guided into Barcelona succession path. We can see that when Marc-André ter Stegen did not have much playing time and was under study of Claudio Bravo. Ter Stegen did not have much playing time but eventually became barcelona starting 11. The timing of transition into the first 11 is really important.

  2. and there we go again with the OVER REACTING , MEDIA LOOKING FOR ARTICLES , AGENDA… dembele reached to training late wasn't a problem just like valverde said it is blown out of proportion…spanish nasty writers who have an agenda (and we all know the reason) is doing this and everyone else in the media is picking up the story looking for something to discuss…people thrive on confusion

  3. In practically any job if you persistently turn up late, you'll get warnings of various degrees, possibly a suspension with no pay and if you don't change your attitude you'll get fired. Most 19 year olds probably already know this, so either he needs a reality check or he needs to fix his attitude.

  4. The only thing that will make med hate Dembele, is if he ran to another club. I don’t care what you say, it’s is a God given gift to play as a Barca player, or any top football clubs in the world. I will Trade that opportunity anytime.

  5. As a Barcelona fan, I dont get why people dislike Dembele so much. He may be a bit stubborn but hes very talented. Hes really important to the squad. He played good vs teams like Real Sociedad and Inter. Valverde should start Dembele in the midfield to replace Rakitic since he has a red card. Dembele's pace or creativity is important when it comes to getting passed Atletico Madrid's defensive style of play. Who agrees?

  6. Y’all are still trying to put down dembele? Lol And to make it worse highlight a guys comments criticizing him when he himself didn’t stop biting people on the pitch till he hit 28 yrs old fuck outta here with that


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