Alaves vs Barcelona [1-1], La Liga 2020/21 – MATCH REVIEW


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  1. Sadly not the end to the week we were hoping for guys. But as frustrating as tonight's game was, at least we can rest easy knowing that the future looks brighter now. We're in a much better place than we was on Monday – we just need to give it time!

  2. I want Greizmann to play as a CDM or CB. He has zero shooting ability and minus zero accuracy. The problem with this guy is not confidence but his problem is overconfidence. The way he compared himself to messi and cr7 after worldcup sums up the story.

  3. Messi should not take whole burden like dribbling and pass others to make a goal. Allow the youngsters to play as their style. He must be in griezman postion and get the ball from youngsters and make a goals. Barca need one play maker then only messi can play his natural way. Messi need now more physical strength and relaxation in the match

  4. Ronald Koeman with all due respect his not suitable to coach Barcelona for the fact he is not playing Ruiqi Puich that’s one fundamental mistake right there and secondly we not even doing that well with his system. He must leave as soon as a new board is elected he must get going and to think he is ignoring the youngsters He needs to leave bfr it’s too late like Valverde.

  5. Am glad JIMMY, you said it all what goes wrong. PIQUE/NETO all play their part in that goal.but it seems the Coach didn't understand our problem. We really need creative midfielders, we don't need our forward to be dropping deep to look for balls. Busquet /Dejong all a pivots not creative midfielders. PJANIC /PUIG/PEDRI all are creative and also defend well. Coutinho /Alena Creative & offensive. So we only need one pivot, one creative and defensive, one offensive and creative. If we finish the game at first half 60min we can sub the offensive mid with neither pivot or creative and defensive eg. Dejong/pjanic/Busquet or Busquet /Puig /pjanic or Pedri/Dejong /pjanic or Dejong /Pjanic!/Puig. Because as we're defending we also need to at more goals and defense well.

  6. Was a bit unlucky…but what poor team selections….at this point Busquets shouldnt br on the barca bench, roberto is average on his best day…pique is struggling to keep up with guys who are 10 years younger than him….we need new defenders!…pjanic should have started…or riqui puig! Why has not been given a chance! Messi also cannot play every game…and def not 90 mins…hes not at tht level anymore…and we need to started accepting tht….and not live in denial.

  7. Barca played very well. A bit unlucky. Alaves were saved by their keeper. Barca always struggles against teams that park the bus. But Barca were still creating great chances. They need to convert their chances. Ter stegen will be back soon, hopefully umtiti too. Pjanic is the better option to Busquets. The best is coming

  8. Also, we are being too negative. When is the last time we saw Barca put that kinda pressure on in the closing stages of the game? Win, lose, or draw, I haven't seen that kinda sustained pressure from Barcelona in years. I'm happy. I'm happy with the growing attitude. The tactics aren't perfect, and I am critical of Koeman's man management, but he's got one thing right. He's got the players fighting. Now, they need to learn that they can NEVER be complacent. They can't go in thinking they'll win. That was one of the issues in this game. They went in expecting that they'd have a relatively easy win. I really don't care how Barca does in the league this year. I care about the attitude and creating chances. It is inevitable that we begin to get results when we are solid at the back and get men in good attacking positions. It was always Guardiola's philosophy. It's not winning and losing. It's playing right.

  9. Are you really going to place any blame on Pique there? I am VERY critical of Pique, but he didn't step a single foot wrong that game. Any professional footballer playing in first team of one the big five leagues should have better feet than me. Goalkeeper or not. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would have been not only able to get that ball out safely, but I could VERY EASILY have returned the ball to Pique. Furthermore, you MUST have noticed by now that Neto has not made a single one touch pass in all the games he's played for Barca. He is incapable of it. He must take a touch first. I dunno if it's an unconscious habit or what. We've so nearly been closed down on goal multiple times due to this. It's simply unacceptable that he can't make the simplest one touch return pass. He's good with his hands, and he's done very well many times, but we CANNOT be playing the ball to him in pressure situations. That is not Pique's fault but Neto's shortcoming.

  10. First half Barca is same Barca as previous year, opponents when gets the ball pique scores own goal or lenglet makes foul. 2nd half Barca is real Barca.Messi unlucky not to score goal, he lost his touches in the final third for not playing in that area for long. De jong should start with lenglet
    ,Pjanic and Pedri also should start. P!aying like better than just gave up completely likewhe. They did withRoma, Bayern, Liverpool a dream recenly with Real

  11. S.Roberto is a utility man who should be coming off the bench. Dest is our most in form fb atm and could potentially form an exciting partnership w Dembele similarly to what we had w Semedo. too often Alaves was able to double Dembele w no overlapping threat from Roberto

  12. Really missing Suarez right now. A mobile physical CF who can occupy the opposition CBs. W/o one it's just too easy for the opposition def to key in on Messi and wastes our improved wide play

  13. Pique should retire once Barca signs a cb and busquets should leave this clubs asap. If they doesn't know they are not able to keep playing at this level. I have no respect for them no matter how many trophies they have won with this club they also prevented their club from winning some.

  14. Also there is no need of dembele seriously. He may be amazing one day but don't forget those easy chances that he missed against liverpool and even against juventus this season. It's absolutely a nightmare depending on player so inconsistent like him.


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