4 CLIPPERS at #5 MAVERICKS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | June 4, 2021 Led by Kawhi Leonard’s 45 PTS and 6 REB, the LA Clippers defeated the Dallas …



  1. KP nonexistent in the last two games 8 & 7 points. Can't convince me that he doesn't give a shit. or trying to throw the game. Second and fourth quarter killed them 17 and 20 points. Seems like Luca's energy level is low the last two games in the 4th quarter but who can blame him he's carrying the team! Boban should have played the last quarter. Neither team has won at home yet but I have a feeling that's about to change with a repeat performance of Leonard game 7.

  2. It's scary watching Paul George bring the ball up dude is so out of control give it to Rondo or Jackson let them set you and kawhi up stop all that them dribbling.

  3. Reggie Jackson was going off and then Ty lue sits him. Paul George was playing awful but decided to finally hit sum shots in the fourth to put sun pressure off of kawhi. Rondo played 10 minutes and had 1 assist. The amount of open threes we were missing had me scared but Kawhi decided to take over. Also can’t help but think the series would be over already if Terrence Mann layed that shot up instead of passing in game 5

  4. Aside from Kawhi being an assassin. Real suspect calls – Boban foul on Sr?, throwing the ball off a Clip player while he's out of bounds and the clips getting the ball, Kawhi getting 3 ft's on a 2 point shot??

  5. This game was a absolute joke! Dallas would have easily won this game if the referee’s weren’t paid off! Worst referring I have ever seen in a game! The NBA has become a absolute joke! Not watching anyone NBA sick of it!


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