USA Today examines how Americans deal with White House drama


USA Today publishes a piece examining how Americans cope with the daily drama coming from the White House; reaction on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show.’



  1. Throughout Trump’s brief but stellar political career, one thing has held true: The more he’s attacked, the more he thrives, the more the public rallies to him, the more success he enjoys. Instead of damaging him as intended, the relentless attacks merely bolster him, particularly when joined with the public’s endorsement of his policies. This, of course, only generates even more fury from his adversaries, who know they’re stuck in the infinite purgatory of their futile resistance.

    Meanwhile, the great silent majority is pretty well satisfied with the direction of the country — and with the singularly unique President leading it.

  2. The CDC in Atlanta has just announced a new illness sweeping the country and have been in contact with President which in turn signed an executive order designating 100,000 dollars to come up with a temporary solution to the illness, a solution has readily been created and will be available by midterm elections, the illness is called Trump derangement syndrome and the cure has tentatively been named "VOTE RED".

  3. There is no drama unless you act like it. He told you all he was not playing by the rules he will flip Washington upside down. He is tired of politicians giving this country away. As a Democrat I will vote for him again.

  4. It’s not White House drama. It’s fake dishonest media drama. They’re getting so desperate that President Trump is winning. The democrats are bringing Obama out of mothballs to monkey things up for Trump.
    What happened to Hillary. Between Obama and Hilary the democrats lost 1000 seats. Good luck.

  5. MSM use the same tactics over here in Europe. So called research outcome to manipulate the mass. It’s discusting but unfortunately many brainwashed people take it for reall. On the other hand more and more people don’t believe MSM anymore.

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