USA, Russia, China now Israel. Two Masters. Great Deception!


Let no one deceive you by any means! You can’t serve two masters! FE is revealing truth and that means time is short! All things are being revealed! Not just the …



  1. Did you know that Israel is the center and all books west of Israel read left to right, and books east of Israel, read right to left? My big concern is, most people don't know that Israel/Jacob and his descendants are not in any shape or form, related to the current state of Israel, would it behoove anyone that the current state of Israel was created by the banker Jews known as the Rothschilds? Look up Balfour Declaration.

  2. Question, how long does it take to go 250,000 miles? In space? To the moon??

    Google says 3 days at 17,000 mph….I just don't see it being possible. Says the moon's gravity pulls the ship towards it. I can't wrap my mind around this. Landing it, taking off from the moon, it makes no sense.

  3. Crazy days, so thankful to be blessed to see this stuff and blatantly see the world for what it is,. Worry for family n friends who just can't except it and refuse to even think and consider what's going on.. Indoctrination from day 1, of course it's going to be very difficult to except but people need to try and think outside the box.

  4. The great deception is not "emerging", its been here since Rome co-opted the Bible and turned it into a pagan religion. And the United States is just a major hub of the "evil in high places". The US is run by Satan's minions (politicians), just as the rest of the world. As Christ said, "this world belongs to the evil one." Zionist Israel's silly "Torah to the moon" is a waste to even talk about. Study and live the Word, that's what we need to be doing. Why are you mocking Genesis, by the way? "Beresheet" is just Hebrew for Genesis, and you're calling it "kabbalah"? You don't know what kabbalah is-it is certainly not the Bible.

  5. The devil is the father of all lies ..he lies to everyone ..right left you me China Russia etc in God my friends He is coming to put a stop to it all….Satan knows God face to face….Till the Lord comes to claim his Throne we are easy pray..stay close to the Lord so you dont fall into the pit..but should you slip.. call out to Jesus and He will pull you up..Its His Promise …God Bless us .God help is full of bumps and bruises some from falling and some from fighting ….Amen.

  6. On target.

    Research what Warner Von Braun said . He was a sort of whistleblower that leaked the plans of the luciferians , about 100 years ago.
    His checklist all happened ..and the last 2 agendas that he said was on the luciferian's checklist was:
    (And i am paraphrasing here)
    ✅ : Make sure to blame Russia so much in America that the two nations shall not have alliance with eachother. (Because the globalists couldnt have that.)
    ✅: And the very last agenda he exposed was .. "space wars".
    He said that they planned that an outside 'alien' threat had to be fabricated in a way to draw all nations together. Etc. Etc..

    So yes .. you could say that their space deceptions have been key or their secret weapon for their endgame.

    Ok. tC

  7. Im a new subscriber and I really like your videos! I agree with you about living to be OLD…who wants to stay on this demon-infested planet any longer than necessary? Jesus Christ IS the only WAY!

  8. I guess theyve decided the earth is about the size of the moon from the moon. At first, the earth was huge when seen from the moon. Now, it's small. Must have sent out a memo to the cgi creators.


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