Urban Decay – Born to Run Palette

So let’s start off by introducing one of the best urban decays palettes of all time.

21 neutral and popping eyeshadows to make all your makeup dreams come true. The new palette was released back in mid June.  Unlike all the other Naked palettes which have 12 shades this palette extends to nearly twice of that with 21 desirable colors.

The palette is covered with a travel diary array of pictures on the front which enhances the retro image unlike the rest of their palettes which makes this a unique piece. At only £39.50 it is affordable and beneficial to all makeup lovers.

If in doubt this palette is there for both your daily use and your special occasions. It can literally rock your world. For me, the most usable and loveable shade is ignite with its gold like shimmer which can be used for any occasion.

The colors are so in trend for the autumn season and you can literally never have too many colors for autumn. Don’t mind me….. I just love the sumptuous shades in this palette. The shades not only are very pigmented but are light on the lids making it not look like last night’s creases.

The biggest strength to this palette: they are so easily blendable but they are so much easier to blend than any of their other palettes. If you are anything like me I love to go bold or go home. I enjoyed trying out every shade of this palette although if I might say, some of the colors are not suited for me.

Although this blog is crazy about the born to run palette there is a few cons. It is as any makeup expert would say that the more you put on the brush the more fallout there is. It is not an epic problem but I would say to control the amount of shadow you put on your brush otherwise you’ll be wiping it off your cheeks before you have even started your face.

I have noticed the colors have trended with the needs of its buyers becoming more and more artsy as they are released.  The one thing I love about this palette is that my eyelids aren’t carved in charcoal but savvy and flattering for any skin tone.

You can have so much fun with the colors, tones and finishes in this palette.

If you haven’t bought this palette then go out and buy it because it is one you cannot live without. Every makeup artist needs this palette as it is a revolution in the makeup industry.

So far, this is one of my favorite makeup products.
I really love this product and give it 5 out of 5.

Aaliaa Antonio Vasquez
Beauty and Fashion Correspondent @
18th October 2018
All media assets copyright of Urban Decay


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