UFO news: Bizarre giant ’FOOTPRINTS’ discovered FOUR KILOMETRES beneath ocean


Scientists are at a loss to explain the strange tracks discovered after a robot was sent four kilometres below the Pacific Ocean’s surface, between Mexico and Hawaii.

The massive markings measure 2.5 metres long and 13 inches deep and and lie too deep for any known animal to have made them.

Around 3,500 individual depressions were discovered by a deep-diving drone as part of a British study from the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) in Southampton.

Scientists have already ruled out mining and other commercial operations to be responsible, and experts also agree they are too huge to be created by known deep-sea animals.

National Oceanographic Centre

WTF: Bizarre ‘footprints’ have been discovered on the ocean floor

“The footprints are like nothing we have seen or heard of before”

Conspiracy theorists Secure Team 10

Lead author of the research Dr Leigh Marsh said: “Analysis revealed that the depressions were not randomly distributed, or occurring in isolation, but formed curvilinear features, or ‘tracks’, that almost looked like footprints.”

The mystery of the footprints have set the tongues of conspiracy theorists wagging.

Popular YouTube channel Secure Team 10 said the footprints are “like nothing we have seen or heard of before”.

The narrator adds: “We could be talking about machinery or technology that are not of this Earth.”

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WEIRD: The markings were discovered 4KM below the Pacific Ocean’s surface

While scientists do not have conclusive evidence of what is making the massive tracks, experts do have an opinion.

Dr Marsh adds that the most likely culprits are “deep-diving whales”.

Although the large aquatic mammals are not known for diving so deep, similar tracks found across the globe to imply that on the odd occasion, whales can plunge to such depths of four kilometres or more.

The report states that beaked whales and sperm whalers are “the most specialised and least understood of all marine mammals” and could be the ones causing thew huge tracks.

The study reads: “Beaked whales have been reported to make similar markings on deep-sea mud volcanoes and, historically, there are reports of sperm whales ploughing the deep seafloor and getting entangled in telecommunication cables.

“In shallower waters, on the continental shelf, other species of whale are known to utilise the seafloor for feeding or removing dead skin, however, in the deep ocean, it is still unclear why whales would make such marks.”

Dr Daniel Jones from the NOC said: “This intriguing observation highlights our imperfect knowledge of this deep-water environment.”

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CLAIMS: Conspiracy theorists have outlandish ideas for the cause of the ‘footsteps’


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