UFO ‘bigger than football field’ spotted hovering over LA


BIZARRE: The bizarre craft was filmed hovering over the sky (Pic: YOUTUBE / THIRDPHASEOFMOON)

YouTube conspiracist Third Phase of Moon uploaded the footage only days ago claiming to be of a “triangular cloaked craft”.

The bizarre sighting, filmed on May 6, was sent into the theorist by a man named Cameron.

Cameron filmed the encounter at night while stood on a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles, US.

The clip begins with the sight of a lit up skyline.

In the sky above, a faint cloudy object can be seen aimlessly floating.

A bright beam of light, similar to stadium lights, stretches up between the horizon and the object appearing to spotlight the “cloaked craft”.

The theorist Blake Cousins said: “I don’t know, whatever you captured definitely looks like a triangular craft cloaked in the sky.

“It seems like this thing is being spotlighted by something on the ground, this almost reminds me of that same kind of look they called it Battle for Los Angeles done in the 40s.

“You do see a helicopter actually in close proximity to this craft, its kind of buzzing by this triangular shaped object, stable in the sky, not moving just hovering.

“I’m speculating this thing is as big as one of those that you would see in the movies, 300 yards larger than a football field.”

The theorist’s co-host bizarrely added: “I bet those are LAPD helicopters observing what we’re experiencing right now.”

Cameron, the man who filmed the encounter said the Pacific Ocean was positioned behind the row of lights, quashing claims of so-called craft being lit up using stadium lights.

And since being uploaded to YouTube only days ago, some 50,000 people have watched the footage.

One person said: “I got chills. I’m in LA. I’ve seen so many odd things..in the clouds.”

A second speculated: “Planet Nibiru would be my guess. It’s closer than we think.”

“Another of the many mysteries out there,” a third said.

Not everyone believed the claims though.

A fourth person commented: “Camera effects for sure. Overexposed night shots.”

It comes after a particle physicist revealed that dark matter may be leaking into our universe from another dimension.


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