U.S.-Iran Tensions Ripple Throughout Middle East | NBC News NOW


NBC News’ Matt Bradley reports on the impact of U.S.-Iran relations on the Middle East as Israel claims they were bracing for a possible retaliation from the …



  1. At this rate … I think the word will be better if germany won 2nd world war……
    I mean … honestly….
    America is invading iran and other countries while saying , WE ARE HERE TO HELP….. And yet the only thing the are doing is stealing petroleum.

    and creates a conflict that will probably lead us to 3rd world war and possibly anihilating 75% of the earts population in the proces…..
    Wellppp , i can say that i understand why iran and others are sooo much angry at emerica and 90% of them thinks "America should die"….
    To top it off , america have a tons of inhuman secrets that are not alowed to be discovered…. the only difference is that … That in the germany these secrets were discovered……
    And well , i doubt that this germany will have a "DICKHEAD" for a president if it won the war…..
    Do not forget that war is a BLOODY GAME with two different sides , and each side thinks of the other to be cruel and evil……
    If you think of it like that …… then you can say that maybe the world will be a better place if Germany won……
    And wellllllllpppppp , IF IT MEAN TRUMP WILL NOT EXIST …..

  2. Iranians have been fed up with Hezbollah for decades. They largely aren't fooled by their government's propaganda and proxy terrorism. PUBLIC opposition was not possible without risking your family.

  3. Ironically the fake news media didn't feel that way about Obama's Arab spring remind me how many people were killed again during the Arab spring a million…. But please tell me more fake news

  4. Question: Why did we not shoot down the Iranian missles? We could have. Especially since we were already on alert.
    This along with the pre-retreat of our soldiers (thankfully) indicates a staged event.

  5. Why are they so stupid saying this is all over? They think they can make it so by saying it? Iran has a history of laying low, waiting till our guard is down….THEN RETALIATION.

  6. Hizballa, Islamic Jihad and Isis

    3 organizations that were IMPORTED by the Iranian opposition to the Shah of Iran, Egyptian opposition to Nasser and the Iraqi oposition to the current Shia majority controlling Iraq.

    All 3 were created by the Cia with the cooperation of Mossad as opposition groups to curtail the wealth and power and civility of the rulers, and the wealth of the well educated class of these 3 nations (Egypt 1950s, Iran 1970s, and Iraq 2000s), and to infiltrate the national governments of Lebanon Palestine and Syria/Iraq

    The 3 groups are now classified as Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian/Iraqi

    If you read between the lines, they are organisations created to destabilise the region and weaken all of them economically.

    These parties are NOT national movements and should not be classified like this, and only the name of the organisations should be read out in the news broadcasts, otherwise it is blatantly obvious that the media is being used as a means to brainwash people's minds with inaccurate information especially those who live outside the region and don't understand it's complexities.

    This is called biased journalism.

    The code of conduct for Journalism internationally is "meant" to be neutral.

    Evidently it is not…

    "Live free or die"


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