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Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi LIVE

The last time the boxing public saw Fury fight in anger he was out in Germany taking on the great Wladimir Klitschko, a bout in which he was a big underdog.

However, he pulled off one of the great upsets to take a unanimous decision and earn the WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight world titles.

But he subsequently pulled out of a rematch and relinquished the titles amid a battle with depression and cocaine use.

Now, he returns in front of a partisan crowd in Manchester as he starts to rebuild his career after 1,000 days out of the ring.

  • Flanagan vs Hooker for the vacant WBO super-lightweight world title
  • Fury walks to the ring to customised Afroman song
  • Seferi retires after four rounds

Fury vs Seferi

11.50pm: Fury is still the same excitable self.

“I want someone big but they’re all the same and the outcome is always the same. They’re all bums. I’ll have a world title by the end of the year.”

11.45pm: Frank Warren, Fury’s promoter, seems disappointed that Seferi did not hang around for longer.

“We picked Sefer Seferi because he went 10 rounds with Manuel Charr.

“But as soon as he got clipped by an upper cut in the fourth round…”

Fury is irrepressibly confident as usual.

“I could have knocked him out in 10 seconds, to be brutally honest.

“I was saving him for round five and he told his corner not to send him out for round five.”

11.40pm: Ben Davison, Fury’s trainer is here too.

“I expected some of the showboating but that’s why we have warm-up fights.”

11.35pm: A timely Tyson arrives.

“I’m ecstatic. It was like having another debut.

“The referee had to have a few words because I was enjoying myelf too much!

“I wanted a bigger opponent but we couldn’t get anyone. No-one was available.

“I’m not going to say I wasn’t nervous but I wasn’t maximum nervous.”

11.30pm: We await Tyson Fury’s press conference eagerly. We’ll bring you everything he says – when he gets here.


Seferi’s corner pull him out before the start of round five. 

Fury wins what will be the easiest fight of his career. 

ROUND FOUR – 10-9 Fury

Fury looks like a fighter who has been out of the ring for over two years. The fact Seferi looks tired already says it all. 

Fury takes the round yet again but he isn’t doing an awful lot. 

ROUND THREE – 10-9 Fury

Fury contunues to defend Seferi’s shot with relative ease. Although the Albanian continues to try and land some quick combinations. 

Fury seemed to land one or two good blows for the first time in the fight.

ROUND TWO – 10-9 Fury

Safe to say this fight doesn’t have the makings of a classic.

The referee warns Fury over his continued horseplay with the crowd. 

Both fighters seemed distracted by a disturbance in the crowd throughout the second round. 

ROUND ONE – 10-9 Fury

Seferi certainly isn’t going to sit back and let Fury have his moment… But the former world champion never really looked troubled due to his height and weight advantage in the opener.

Fury hasn’t lost any of his showmanship! 

10.35pm: Fury’s ring walk is here.

He is loving this on his eagerly-anticipated return!

10.30pm: ’Don’t Look Back In Anger’ rings around the Manchester Arena.

The fans are certainly ready.

Question is… is Fury?

10.20pm: Well, the press box is pretty split on that one – which tells you no-one can be that unhappy with the decision and the fact that two judges had it so very different tells you how hard that fight was to score.

Fury is next…


A split-decision: 115-113 Hooker, 117-111 Flanagan, 117-111 Hooker

ROUND TWELVE – 10-9 Flanagan

Flanagan comes out fighting, as though he thinks it’s close, and lands a fair few. Hooker sticks to his task but struggles to land clean and at the bell, they embrace knowing it was a hard-fought contest. To the judges (I have Flanagan by two…)

ROUND ELEVEN – 10-9 Hooker

Relentless pace and while Flanagan is walking forward, Hooker is doing some good work on the inside and that might nick that one. I think home judging might be the key to this one…

ROUND TEN – 10-9 Flanagan

Another fine round from Flanagan who is breathing hard but appears to be coping better with the distance. Big last two rounds with the cards so tight.

ROUND NINE – 10-9 Flanagan

More good, high-tempo boxing from Flanagan, who it now transpires suffered both cuts from head-clashes.

ROUND EIGHT – 10-9 Flanagan

Can Hooker handle this pace if Flanagan continues to turn it up? On the basis of a flailing combination near the end of the that round, no! This is turning into a beauty.

ROUND SEVEN – 10-9 Hooker

What a round! Hooker opens up a cut on Flanagan’s right eye with a fine left hook and seconds later, he is cut again, albeit by a headbutt (which was coming).

The Brit sense trouble and opens up his range – but eats plenty of punches on the way in and in return.

ROUND SIX – 10-9 Hooker

The American is making more of the fighting so far and that is earning him rounds. Halfway point, all tied up. Let’s see who’s got the engine now.

ROUND FIVE – 10-9 Hooker

It’s getting scrappy now and I can only give Hooker that round on the basis of Flanagan trying to win the fight with his forehead.

In other news, Gordon Ramsay is here – and getting a bit of stick off the crowd.

ROUND FOUR – 10-9 Flanagan

Nice movement from Flanagan who counters nicely with a left hook and tries to use his weight to push Hooker around. He does look like the bigger man in the ring and will, naturally, try to exploit that.

ROUND THREE – 10-9 Flanagan

Awkward round to watch again as they both try to figure each other out. “Turbo” shades it but not by much.

ROUND TWO – 10-9 Hooker

On balance, an even two rounds. Both landing a few shots although Flanagan finished that second round strongly. Tough to score so far.

ROUND ONE – 10-9 Flanagan

Decent start by Flanagan, working the body nicely and pushing Hooker back onto the ropes. Hooker will want to silence the crowd.

9.25pm: Flanagan and Hooker are in the ring, as is the WBO super-lightweight world title. Could be an interesting one as Flanagan tries to become a two-weight world champion.

9.15pm: And Robinson is stopped, to the delight of the home crowd! It was a fine fight but Heffron was on top and had already dropped his man before the referee stepped in during the sixth round.

All that stands between us and Tyson Fury now is, I would expect, Sweet Caroline, a few other choice cheesy numbers and the small matter of Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker.

9.05pm: Trouble for Robinson who after five rounds has a very swollen left eye. Could be a broke eye-socket.

Backstage, Tyson Fury is SHOUTING with excitement.

“I always knew I could come back. There’s a lot of naysayers said I couldn’t do it, they all said I couldn’t do it, and guess what? I did it! I’m back! The Mack’s returning tonight! Please don’t miss it. It’s going to be epic.”

8.45pm: Now we have a WBC International contest at middleweight – yes, that’s a belt apparently – but two very vaild fighters. Mark Heffron is an Oldham native and the crowd go wild for him. He is taking on Andrew Robinson, who jumps into southpaw at the beginning of round three but quickly thinks better of it.

Intriguing match-up so far.

8.30pm: Great drama! Metcalf drops his man early in the last round and then, as instructed, takes his time pressing on for the win. He stuns Nieto again in the neutral corner and has to chase him across the ring before landing one more punch, at which point the referee has no choice but to step in. At last, that’s the stoppage the corner wanted!

Only 30 seconds left in the fight, too!


JJ Metcalf forced a dramatic late stoppage

8.25pm: More celebs spotted: the new IBF featherweight champion grinning away in the front row and a few rows further back, the one and only Gazza. Good to see him out and about and look relatively well.

8.10pm: Good friend of Tyson Fury and injured fighter Billy Joe Saunders has just walked past me. No sign of a limp or anything – for a man who has a hamstring injury, supposedly. He was due to fight Martin Murray on June 23 but pulled out, of course.

In the ring, Metcalf is through eight rounds and is ahead but this Nieto has never been stopped and looks very durable.

7.55pm: Metcalf, the favourite and the home fighter, going alright here but his corner are still quite urgent in their instructions, suggesting they know Nieto could pick up enough rounds to leave this fight close on the cards.

He is urged to work the body and has looked at his most dangerous “downstairs” but is also getting caught.

7.35pm: Next up is JJ Metcalf, another with an enormous pocket of followers in the crowd. He takes on Aitor Nieto in a super-welterrweight contest for the WBC International “belt”, such as it is.

7.20pm: Telling pressure from Gorman, who floors Turner right at the end of the second round with a brutal right upper-cut and then unleashes at the beginning of the third but can’t put him on the floor him – only for the referee to step in with the Irish fighter trapped on the ropes.

Gorman wins!

Nathan Gorman celebrates stopping Sean TurnerGETTY

Nathan Gorman celebrates stopping Sean Turner

7.15pm: A fine first round from Gorman, who has left Turner bloodied with a couple of combinations: it is those fast hands that make him such an exciting prospect.

7.05pm: I’ve started celeb spotting from ringside. Stephen Graham, the actor of This Is England fame, has some pretty prime tickets while boxer Liam Smith is one of a plethora of fighters.

Frank Warren (obviously) has also just strolled to the ring, resplendent in a double-breasted, beige, check suit.

And finally, Ricky Hatton leads his charge Nathan Gorman to the ring to the sounds of the Killers. First fight of the TV card, a heavyweight one, is about to get underway.

6.40pm: That didn’t last long! Jack Massey floors Ian Tims in the second round of a proper tear-up and the towel goes in. A very popular Derbyshire fighter gets a well-deserved knockout.

Nathan Gorman will be the first of the televised fights, coming up in about 20 minutes.

Jack Massey left Ian Tims crumpled in a cornerGETTY

Jack Massey left Ian Tims crumpled with a devastating right hand

6.30pm: Every round and a point off so Barrett gets an 80-71 decision win.

We’ve got a bit of time before the TV card starts at 7pm – so we’ve got Ian Tims and Jack Massey, in what was supposed to be a follow-on fight after the Fury bout but has been squeezed in here instead.

6.25pm: A little bit turgid, this one. One round to go and Barrett will take the win – Tellez has had a point off for low blows – but it’s not been impressive. Technically proficient but Barrett lacking in knockout power.

6.05pm: Zelfa Barrett’s jab looks beautiful tonight, even if Tellez isn’t the best fighter in the world. Blood pouring from the nose but he is still coming forward. Credit to him on that front. Three rounds of eight gone and Barrett is well ahead.

5.50pm: McGann stops him in the third round. Seemed to learn very quickly after getting his head knocked back by the jab in the first round. Nice start for the former mixed martial artist, who has a fair few Warringtonians singing his name high up in the Arena.

Zelfa Barrett and late opponent Edwin Tellez will be next in the ring for eight rounds at super-featherweight.

Jack McGann landsGETTY

Jack McGann got the stoppage on his professional boxing debut

5.45pm: Electric start to his professional boxing for McGann, who drops Grant twice in the early stages. The referee lets him resume and the bell rings two seconds after the second count and probably saves Grant’s bacon.

Might not go much longer this because you’d expect McGann to have plenty of engine.

5.20pm: Jordan Thompson gets his ninth career win in pretty spectacular fashion, albeit against an opponent without much to give back. He drops Kalinovski in the second round and the spirit was gone then, I thought, but it took the referee until six seconds from the end of the second.

Thompson wins to delight the home fans. Jack McGann, former MMA fighter, is making his boxing debut next.

5.05pm: Arthur does indeed get the decision, winning every round and improving to 11-0. Not the most impressive performance in the world but he got the win.

Another Mancunian up next as Jordan Thompson takes on Dmitri Kalinovski.

Lyndon ArthurGETTY

Lyndon Arthur picked up an early win on the Fury vs Seferi undercard

5pm: We are still two hours away from the TV card but the boxing has already been going for an hour in Manchester, where Frank Warren has put on a 13-fight undercard to accompany Tyson Fury’s return.

We are expecting as many as 12,000 in for the main event and plenty of them will be here for the undercard main event too: local lad Terry Flanagan is fighting Maurice Hooker for the WBO super-lightweight world title.

We’ll be here every step of the way to build up to the return of Fury and bring you every result from a busy undercard.

Lyndon Arthur is just coming to the end of his six-round light-heavyweight contest against Charles Adamu. Doesn’t look like he’ll get a stoppage but the cards should go his way.

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