Tusk: 'Hell is still empty' – BBC News


EU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the Article 50 process, postponing Brexit beyond 29 March. European Council President Donald Tusk and European …



  1. In answer ,to Jay McKinsey I know the the USA saved our butts in the 2 wars ,but isn’t it shit that we aren’t allowed to trade with our saviours because the Germans won’t allow us ? How strange is that ,fu***ing disgrace ,

  2. You've got to laugh. But the people aren't the problem. It's the nature of the actual problem that is the problem. You can't fit a square peg into a round hole. Well you can. But you'd have to shave the corners off first. But then it would no longer be a square peg. (The square peg = economically peaceful, thriving UK. Round hole = existence outside of EU. The corners that must be shaved off = 1: membership of world biggest and richest free trade area for which we made the rules. 2: Good Friday agreement that only works cos UK and Eire are members of a supra national framework. 3: Scotland. Which is ever more likely to vote to secede from the Union because most Scots voted to stay cos they are against narrow nationalism and wanted to remain part of EU. 4: Diplomatic influence/standing from having one foot in EU, one foot in Anglophone world ((U.S. and 5 eyes etc)) and one foot in Commonwealth. And yes the UK is a 3 legged creature. Soon to be 1 legged, but it shot itself in the foot and will therefore be on it's arse.

  3. As for the EU. I dont believe in them. Want to know what the EU seeks to become then just listen to the High priest zealot Guy Verhofstadt his vision is complete control. A suffocating control I can not stomach. This country Britain is more than capable of going it alone. I was so happy when we won the vote. Brexit could be the greatest night of our lives but our weak vision-less leaders want to make it the worst. We would be independent with our self respect. Rich or poorer Id be overjoyed. To the young i would say your future is not being taken from you but on the contrary you are being handed a future. A future you would be in charge of. Thats your legacy not the EU. So stop crying and step up make Britain the best place in the world. Something the EU would never let happen. We need to leave the EU now.

  4. we will se who ends up in hell when all the dominoes begin to tumble after we get the hell out of this dictatorship called the EU ,FUHRER Juncker and field marshall Tusk will be there long before any of us

  5. Your Pope is a false prophet, God's representative on this earth earth, yeh of course God wants his church to cover up child abuse on a massive scale; the title Pope took over from the title Emperor; the Roman empire was collapsing, so they took bits from the Roman beliefs and Christianity and set up the Roman Universal Church, to continue the roman empire and its control on the world; and they have ensnared a lot of people all over the world, the idea of Constantine worked.
    And hell is most certainly not empty, where do you thing all the nasty priests go, or the lawyers and politicians, the police officers that abuse there power, etc etc.

  6. I would of came out the EU they day after the vote, and made these two Muppets come and see us, not our Prime Minister having to travel to Brussels, if they wanted us to stay in, I'm sure they would of flown over to the UK to grovel.

  7. What amazes me is that you people still believe that these puppets are the people in control! They are just pawns!! The real people in charge are satanic scum bags, behind closed doors.


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