Tupac alive conspiracy fuelled as pictures emerge of singer without tattoos


Tupac conspiracy theorists claim photos of the singer without tattoos prove he faked his death.

For years, conspiracists looking into the mysteries shrouding Tupac Shakur’s death claim the singer faked his demise in a bid to shy away from the limelight.

The American hip-hop icon died on September 13, 1996, some six days after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

For years, conspiracy theories have circulated claiming the California Love star survived the shooting and went into hiding.

Various supposed sightings of the legendary rapper, as well as mysterious prison records, have all been used as ” evidence ” to substantiate a cover-up.

The singer’s tattoos were not visible in one of his music videos

And new images have added fuel to the ever-burning fire.

Danny, owner of YouTube conspiracy page WiredUp TV, used images from Tupac’s Toss it Up music video, which was produced a month before the singer’s death.

Images from the music video appear to show the singer without any tattoos, despite notoriously being covered in them.

In the video, Danny, said: “Heres a picture of him from his front side.

Conspiracists claim the pictures are evidence to prove the singer is alive
Conspiracists claim the pictures are evidence to prove the singer is alive

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“In the picture where hes wearing a big large pendant, it’ a little on the darker side,” he adds, before asking where the star’s well known “Thug Life” tattoo is.

“That’s my question, where is the thug life tattoo? Why can’t you see it?

“You should be able to see something.”

Danny goes on to state many other of the star’s tattoos are missing.

Hip hop star Tupac was shot at the age of 25
Hip hop star Tupac was shot at the age of 25

“He also had an Egyptian Queen on his left pectoral muscle and he even had a Tupac tattoo on the right.

“Why can’t you see that little Tupac? It’s crazy to me.

“I don’t understand why there’s so much mystery.”

After uploaded the clip to YouTube, Danny said: “Now this is why we believe Tupac is alive.”

One person said: “It’s a Tupac double that’s why there are no tattoos or gunshot scars.”

A second added: “I kinda feel like Tupac could just be chilling and hiding in plain sight.”

Not all believed the claims.

One person asked: “Why is this strange to you? This isn’t real.”

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