Trump unveils Middle East plan – BBC News


President Trump has unveiled his plans for what he claims is a credible peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, including a promise to keep Jerusalem …



  1. The hell with this good for nothing parasite called POTUS. Whatever plan he is presenting will always benefit him financially. I bet he didn’t even have one in the first place and it was made by someone else.

  2. Jordan launched an attack on Israel in 1967 and lost. Israel pushed them back to the Jordan river, therefore Israel gained what is known as the west bank via the rules of engagement. Israel should already be in posession of the west bank aka Judea.

  3. The Middle East will remain unstable in this century. As it has been in previous centuries. This peace plan serves as a new means of further destabilizing the region.
    And btw, Netanyahu's deep voice sounds like a freaking villian. He really does.

  4. Palestinians can go to various other Muslim countries while the Israeli Citizens can not. There is only one Jewish nation. Besides that land has historically belonged to the Jewish nation until the Roman Empire and the Muslim Empire took over it. The Israelis are simply reclaiming what used to be theirs. They want it back then take it back. Only the strong survive . History is written by the victors. That’s how this world has worked for thousands of years.

  5. Well, considering the presidential election happening this year, of course this is a move designed to gain the support of the powerful Zionist lobby groups on Capitol Hill. Entirely predictable and wholly uninteresting.

  6. Pride comes before fall! Palestinian pride & islamic-fundamentalism wouldn't ever let them seek peace by diplomacy ! Just like prior wars & intifadas, that's all they know how to deal with conflicts! They would rather rot in their slums with their pride, than to develop their communities and create a future for their people with isreal… Palestinian leaders / hamas will never be happy until they get rid of isreal & gets to control their people in a big prison-state like in iran !

  7. This is Nonsense Jerusalem is Palestine and Embargo for the Turkish journalists from the White House! They did not take the press conference. Where is the Justice I can sa Tel Aviv is our not Israel.

  8. so Israel and the US come up with a plan but don't talk to the palestinians. a palestinian "state" but Israel keeps control of all borders and security and most of occupied territories . yes sure that's going to work

  9. I really think Arafat was a failure and the PLO should have taken the deal offered after months of negotiations in 2000 under Clinton ….BUT this farce is not a deal like in 2000, it’s a one sided ultimatum offered by Israel and backed by the DT administration.

  10. Who is going to come to Israel’s aide whenever the US is 1/3rd Hispanic in a few decades? Israel supports open borders for the US but not for themselves. The same open borders that will ruin the US and their biggest protector

  11. If there is a God I think Jerusalem is probably the least holiest place on earth in my book followed by Mecca. I feel sorry for both Jews and Palestinians being indoctrinated having this ridiculous belief burden over you. It's at least promising that atheism is rising it's likely going to be the best hope for world peace. It's not just religion nationalism is also probably just as problematic and even more difficult to resolve.

  12. The Palestinian leaders will never agree to anything except the destruction of Israel.
    Life is good for the well connected in Gaza and the West Bank with lots of opportunities for becoming very wealthy from the generous funds donated by kind European Countries and generally unaudited.

  13. Palestinians need to take what they can get. They have no military power and no real allies. Either take a piece of the loaf or none of it. Might makes right at the end of the day sadly.

  14. First of all: most of you in the comments are not helping the issue, second: there is a possible solution and peace plan it’s just very difficult and it will require Israel to give up some of its claims and third: both nations have a right to an independent state, but because of conflicting nationalisms and different interests both nations have been unable to agree. So no, Trump’s plan will not fix this, god won’t just come down and magically fix this and no, the Corona virus will not kill everyone before a peace deal is made.

  15. Arabs went to war over the land 1967, and lost. They took a risk and lost.. we are 50 years on and just call yourselves lucky to have Al Asqa or you'll screw yourselves out of that too ffs


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