Trump-May news conference in full – BBC News


US President Donald Trump said the US and UK have the “greatest alliance the world has ever known” in a news conference with Theresa May. The prime …



  1. The UK getting closer to the States – chlorinated chicken and selling off the nhs. Awful that we’re gravitating inevitably to a free trade deal with states from a very weak position. Well done Corbyn and co protesting this shambolic display.

  2. Betrayal of your citizens, & attempted coup of our duly elected President, seems your stepping down is overdue, T May 😉 This POTUS is generous, & a gentleman, & his focus is for the people, of America, & the world! Freedom & Liberty for all, including free speech, ban article 13, & return the freedoms of your citizens UK! GOD BLESS All Patriots, USA, UK, & WW! WWG1WGA!

  3. Mrs May what is she on about sharing the same vision on justice you're lucky to get it in England, the Queens new toys are ready the ships and plains. The Queen going to have to stop her PMs from bombing all over the place, what a strange thing the two most powerful people in the world at Buckingham palace.

  4. Fake news! Trump 2020! No matter what they are cooking their negative agendas you are my president! God alone with you and you will trump upon the heads of your enemies!

  5. What utter platitudinous drivel. Tragic hypocritical and ambiguous banalities spouted off deferentially to ceremony rather than genuineness. I’ve never been more ashamed to be alive on this planet in such an unremarkable and disappointing era.

  6. you are welcome here Mr Trump and i just wish we had a leader as strong as you instead of the weak bunch we have…May has been a disaster and Labour are run by terrorist loving Marxists who we must never be allowed into power.MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN.

  7. The current system is not designed to distribute wealth. The current system of competition and free markets act to concentrate wealth and power in a very small proportion of the population (e.g. half of the land area of the UK is owned by 1% of the population)

  8. Teresa May is caught in subversive activities against Trump and she knows he knows – she is damaged goods. If America Abandones the UK to Europe – the country is finished. The UK has made a serious mistake.

  9. "Mexicans coming into our country"..our country?..Stolen lands, massacres of innocent men, women and children, millions slaughtered. You should allow these millions and millions of people enter that area of the world. It might take some of the burden of the karma that is now hitting 'America' for the brutal invasion of the native people's of these lands. I'm white but not proud.

  10. Imagine this: Teresa May stops mid sentence and says "I can't do this. Donald you disrespect your country, it's war hero's, it's people, my country and it's officials, your own wife and the human race in general with your bullshit behaviour towards everyone around you. I will not stand here in commemoration of British fallen hero's with somebody who has no idea about respect and decency. Now, get the hell out of my country and take your joke of a family with you." Now that would be a true leader and a symbol of everything this country holds dear. Unfortunately we have Theresa May.


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