Trump in ‘very good health’ physician says


Dr. Sean Conley, physician to the President, announced that President Donald Trump is in “very good health” following his physical examination at the Walter …



  1. Funny, all the faggots calling Trump fat are the same douchecanoes who praise fat whales for wearing two piece swimsuits and "shames" those who say she is unhealthy. Gotta love the hypocrisy of the left!

  2. The cheeseball in chief is easily over 275, just by looking at his giant ass. A guy who stays up early in the morning fuming on Twitter, watches Fox News into the night, and chomps on fast food without any exercise can't POSSIBLY be in good health, especially at the age of 72. Couple all this with the pressures of the job he obviously hates, and Trump's a time bomb.

  3. Remember that health issues of a medical that how much higher number is so we do not know that for this year that how his number went up or down leader his health but you already know of mm 17 that was a high number and 18 well nobody knows and 2019 that just released it but only just words but not numbers you did not know I do not know nobody knows so this is not telling the truth to White Wave I would leader so too bad but don't worry everyone a new president coming in 2020 II history

  4. Took one look at the comments and LMAO. You sell outs are nuts. But damn I never watch CNN, look how OLD don is looking. Man when youre guilty and stressed and your conscious eats at you every night, it's really a natural process. We're all animals and animals can naturally sense when other animals are not doing well. Don, look into your own health brother.


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