TR-3B spy plane ‘filmed flying’ near USAF Nellis Air Force base


A UFO hunter claims to have found the most conclusive proof ever of the USAF’s secret TR-3B spy plane.

The triangular aircraft – also known as the Black Manta – has long-been claimed by conspiracy theorists to have been built by the USAF under a black project.

There has never been an official acknowledgement of the plane, only sightings and experiences.

But now, alien enthusiast Steve Barone has posted a video that he says is the best proof yet of the elusive craft, reports

The short clip appears to show two UFOs flying in front of a canyon near the Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, US.

“I set my night vision camera up to do a little sky fishing looking at the entrance of Red Rock Canyon,” he said.


BIZARRE: A UFO hunter claims to have filmed two TR-3B spy planes flying near a USAF base

“When I got the video inside and went through it slowly and was amazed towards the end of the video you see two triangle objects fly out of the canyon into the Las Vegas valley.

“If you look really close they look like little triangles and appear to have little half domes on top of them.

“If you look at the snapshots you see the bottom one is clearly a triangle and the top one has a rounded dome on top.

“It is a really good example of what was flying out of that canyon.”

Viewers were quick to offer their own thoughts on what the sighting was.

“This is amazing,” one wrote. “I saw something similar a few weeks ago.”

“It passed over in front of me at a super fast speed from right to left and disappeared. This was after viewing UFO orbs high in the night sky the night before.”

Another posted: “You really captured these craft in such a way, that no one could deny their existence.”

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