Top 10 YouTube Entertainment and Alternative News Channels – TopX Ep.10


Welcome to the tenth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer!



  1. The atheist/independent/alternative community should get a video (they actually cover alternative news) … Like the Amazing atheist and that community, also the metal community. You guys mostly just do mainstream stuff, I get it but you added the word alternative to… Yea, not really

  2. Alternative news channels… NEWS… Seriously!

    Supermassive narcissist Kardashian (-whatever?), has absolutely nothing to do with NEWS, or relevance for that matter!

  3. Check out our alternative entertainment news channel ZeN TV where we discuss news that matter that is not in the mainstream. We are independently funded and not censored! We believe freedom of speech is of the utmost importance and should be respected by the media and government.

  4. A list of terrible, stupid, biased or completely vapid "news" networks. Good, more channels to stay clear away from. The fact that SourceFed sees being on a list with TMZ-like channels as good is reason enough to never watch their content.


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