Top 10 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals


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  1. If you hide a minor problem, you may find it impossible to hide major problems. I'm surprised celebrities don't have more good friends who could help them. However, Hollywood has always had amphetamine and drug abuse which creates a culture of parasitism, betrayal, and criminality.

  2. Also, totally missed the mark with the #1. It may be the most recent but the OJ trial drew the entire country’s attention enough to cause countless racial debates and the Clinton scandal drew the world’s attention

  3. OJ's lawyers told him not to take his arthritis meds before trying on the gloves which caused his joints to become inflamed and swollen. I heard that from the guy who was his agent at the time and was also around for the incident in Vegas that got OJ sent to prison.

  4. I seriously don't understand the cheating stuff had to be public with some apology. I just feel that isn't no one business other than the cheater, their lover, and the person who they're suppose to be loyal to. Now the Monica thing I would only probably agree to seeing a reprimanding for inappropriate behavior in a historical area such as the White House Offive. Hell if I was famous and people tried to interview me or encourage me to apologize to the public I would have either told them that it's private matters or to go fuck themselves for trying to get involved in a matter that didn't involve them.

  5. MJ is the only one on this list not guilty of anything. Would be nice if watchmojo made a top 10 list on my he wasn't a pedophile and showed some evidence to a wider audience.


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