Top 10 Hardest Football Knockout Hits


Top 10 hardest football knockout hits.



  1. ya know, hittin the dude with the ball is the object of the game, it's really odd to define exactly how to hit the dude with the ball, if the nfl wants to make it a "safer" sport…

    …I think their only option is to change the safety equipment

  2. 14:25 BULLSHIT

    This is why I don't blame Burfict for roughing up the Steelers. Pittsburgh Cheaters will do whatever to win the game.

    This coming from a Giants fan who watched these iron-headed morons knock out Victor Cruz smh

  3. There is a way to stop some of these "defenseless player' hits….and it IS NOT by throwing flags…how about the qb not throw to a receiver that is covered over the middle..that would be a start. How can you possibly not tackle/hit a guy after he has caught the ball….do u just let him go right on by cause he was 'defenseless' when you were able to tackle him? With bridgewater ..this is bs that someone can be penalized for barely hitting a qb that was going for yardage and the defender was getting out of the way the best you can with such a crappy last second slide. THIS IS NOT BALLET…its football and the more flags there are, the worse it gets.

  4. This was so entertaining and fulfilling to watch. I laughed all the way thru. Please do more. A regular series. Be sure to state if these assclowns are kneelers. Hahahahahaha

  5. 2:30 is the reason why JuJu is one of my favorite players in the league. Gave that son of a bitch a taste of his own medicine. It's a shame he didn't destroy Brufict's spine or something to knock him out of the league forever. Not a steeler fan btw.

  6. Lol, god this brings me back to the old days. I miss football. But those calls, defenseless player have. If your catching the ball you know your gonna be everyone's favorite target. They've ossified the sport. Half of these hits I did in football the difference is we weren't getting paid millions we were trying to crack heads, and if I hurt someone I took my knee, then laughed. There was never a time I want trying to hurt someone but thats cuz its football expect to be hit.


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