Toobin: First day I thought Trump may not finish term


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin discusses Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow. #CNN #News.



  1. It shows what type of man he is that he is standing by the door, gets in first, and allows his wife to go around to the other door. Whenever I’m with a female friend, mother, or my girlfriend I always make sure they get in first. It’s just gentlemanly.

  2. The idea of Trump canceling talk with Putin is juvenile. It's a smokescreen, folks, a downright deliberate deception. When someone holds a compromising CD of your perverted pleasure you tell me that you are not going to "speak" with him, modern KGB master? C'mon.

  3. Trump won't be leaving office until January 2025,Jeffrey. For an attorney, you are a dim bulb and trying to
    make a nexus between a real estate deal than never occurred and Russia collusion is nonsensical. Nice try.

  4. I really want Drumpf to finish the term. I want him impeached, but that won't remove him from office. The reasons I don't want him removed are:
    1) Pence is evil, but not as incompetent;
    2) the Mueller investigation would lose urgency, without Drumpf, the ultimate villain, which Mueller, the hero is pursuing;
    3) in 2020 the Blue Wave will be even larger, being a presidential year, so long as the Dems are running against Drumpf. And, it's not just the presidential, or even the federal elections. Dems have to win Governor's mansions and State Congresses. Republicans have been gerrymandering and voter suppression for decades, because they control things at the State level. Look at the last election in Georgia. It would be nice, however, if it didn't take the world's biggest Orange Asshole to motivate Democrats to vote.
    4) The more Drumpf unravels, the worse it becomes for the Republicans, in general. They have to support him in order to keep support from his base. But, if they support him, they get his stink on him. Lindsey Graham is a prime example. He doesn't know what to do. One week he's sucking Drumpf's dick. The next week he's "pissed".

  5. Not a hair will not be able to be removed from Trump until 2024-2026. He will command and dominate and will have earned 4-4.5 billion dollars by the time he goes away from the white house. So you can talk and talk and talk and talk and earn some fucking money you idoits. He eventually will build that fucking tower in Moscow someday, or maybe his sons. That's the reality.CNN life goes on brothers and sisters and gays, Lemon juice and ice cream cooper .

  6. Of course Trump knew what was going on, he knew absolutely everything that was going on during and after the campaign.
    People who worked for him in the past, people with daily access to Trump even said in past interviews, that nothing happens and nothing will happen without Trumps say so, because he is and always has been a control freak.
    Trump is guilty as hell.

  7. Why doesn't even the CIA make light of this Trump con man? They did worse to JFK and Brother Abraham for accepting African Americans. He is clearly an international criminal and a traitor to our country. I am black with slave roots and i still wouldn't sell this motherfucker out !


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