‘Thunderbird’ creature filmed in sky by stunned onlooker


A MAN has filmed footage of what looks like an impossibly giant bird, bringing into question the existence of legendary creature.

The video appears to show a huge figure moving against the wind behind a blanket of storm clouds.

Harprit Singh filmed the video just minutes from his work in Kamloops, Canada, after spotting what he thought was a disc in the sky.

And after being posted on YouTube by MrMB333 clip it has been viewed by more than 37,000 since its release earlier this week.

Taking the time to analyse the video for himself, the viral conspiracy theorist said: “Looks like a bird to me. Looks like a really large bird.”

The conspiracist then claimed it could be the legendary thunderbird – a mythical bird from both Native American and Canadian tradition.

There have been several reported sightings of the “creature” in recent years.

They have been linked to thunder and storms, such as the weather seen in the footage.

And many viewers are convinced by the footage, with one person writing: “Man it looks like a dragon.”

PROOF? The mysterious figure was spotted behind the clouds (Pic: INSTAGRAM/MRMB333)

Another wrote: “I believe you may be right. I was raised in Vancouver and the Thunderbird is Legendary.”

Others believe the figure may be an angel or demon, with someone commenting: “Fallen angel! Rebuke it in Jesus name.”

More rationally, some reckon the silhouette is the work of a group of birds.

One bird aficionado chimed in: “Its a group of Starlings, moving about in unison, to catch bugs. They do that a lot in large groups.”


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