The Year 2018: Celebrity feuds and struggles


WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF “The Year: 2018” We couldn’t stop talking about celebrity feuds like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Alec …



  1. Alec Baldwin is hot tempered, everyone agrees on that. But he also seems very likable so people are willing to overlook his episodes, besides when you look at what he blows his top over, it’s usually pretty understandable. It isn’t really Diva/Divo behavior.

    This is Manhattan…you steal someone’s parking space, man that’s almost justifiable homicide

  2. Boorish, loud, obnoxious wash-women. All the money in the world couldn’t buy any one of them an ounce of class, style or grace if their lives depended on it.

    Grotesque. Trashy. Odious

  3. All greedy hoes willing to take it up the @ss for $$$. Who gives a damn! If these people REALLY cared about blacks, they would be over protesting in Libya and Saudi Arabia, where Africans are being castrated and/or sold into modern day slavery! Instead, they’re worried about a shoe. Disgusting, greedy, selfish liars.

  4. Ben has it all and is trying to throw it all away. time to clean up, bro.
    the wildfire was a call to many uppity people that needed to be humbled down.
    sadly the good people living there paid too.


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