"The Wendy Williams Show" Accused of Racism & Ageism | E! News


Following the return of the “Wendy” host, a frequent audience member shares a story of not being chosen to be a part of the audience–and alleges it’s because …



  1. If you have a die hard (older) fan traveling in train with a Cane made it all the way inside to the screening area sat down with her tickets thinking she was going to get in, how the hell you are going to take her to tickets away? I don’t care how old this person may be, what race, what age she may be or what gender! It’s just wrong! No one deserves this. If you are outside on line I could understand yes but they are already inside come on Wendy. The are fans ( You lost many of us recently btw) that are faithful to you have gone to your show before they deserve a respect. Check your self!

  2. Yes Wendy Williams show is somewhat racist, the cameras are always pointing out at the "white" good looking audiences, (I noticed it years ago). They do that because they want to reach out to the white people whom are better business. Indeed Wendy defend her black community, but when it comes to business , the show is very obviously white oriented. They just use the black thing as an identity.

  3. It is true. I’ve been to NYC four times from Ireland and tried to get tickets. We had to write gushing answers to questions and submit pictures. It was kinda degrading and felt like they didn’t want white folk

  4. I've been on the Wendy Williams show as an audience member and they absolutely cast it. I am white and went with my mom as a "mom/daughter outing'. I'm from NJ. I was 27 at the time and my mom was 60. They put us right behind the cameras where you can only see us if the pan the audience before a commercial break. She does interact w/ her audience but just the ones they want for the "Ask Wendy". I believe these women, however I don't think Wendy is malicious or racist, she's just trying to cast a certain type and YES you do need to submit a photo.

  5. I tried going to the Wendy Williams show and decided not to go because I found out they asked for a photo. I think that shows do discriminate and use the “color picking up on camera” excuse to move some races, body types, people that look to them not appealing to tv, all shows do it or at least the majority, it’s terrible!
    That needs to end, people come in different shades and shapes and we should embrace it. There’s so many that struggle with body image issues because their influences by what they see on tv or magazines …who decided if you’re beautiful enough or just …enough. You should decide for yourself.

  6. Wow if a ticket doesnt guaranty entry, that's really bad. Some people took day off from their job and traveled miles just to watch the show. Imagine you were sent off at the gate after you have travelled so long. And just because you are white or Asian or just being old?


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