The Great Recession: many Americans still suffering | USA TODAY


America has recovered from the Great Recession, but many still feel the pain. RELATED: How to spot the most common hidden bank fees …



  1. We probably could have recovered better if we didn't have to give so much free health care, jobs, food and housing to thousands of illegal immigrants. Too much sympathy has ruined it for real Americans. Look at the homeless problem. Most of the old "high school kid" jobs at restaurants and such are given to immigrants who don't even speak English. It's sickening. My son, a 31 year old white American born with a serious heart condition cannot get health insurance. He had to have emergency open heart surgery a year and a half ago – without any insurance. He can't work as long in a day as a healthy man. He gets tired. It's impossible to get a doctor to even look at him for a checkup. Department of Human Services won't help. I've been taking care of him for years without help. White American born and raised is the wrong race now. Our family has been here since before Oklahoma became a state in 1907. We cannot get any help. We are praying for the best.

  2. The recessien is coming back and hit you garder than ever under this trade wars with this stupid President, you pay for his stupid wall and also for this stupid trade wars with China and Europe and India and maybe Mexico because the immigrants are not going away quickly!!! Its costing you billions and billions and than you can say bye bye car industrie, now I understand his bankruptys.

  3. Most seniors and VETS can not even have a retirement plan.. They are lucky if they can even afford housing … Well, they can not blame that recession on Trump because he also lost somethings doing that time… America has to stop help other Countries out… Especially the ones who threaten us all the time…


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