The CIA have joined Instagram


The Central Intelligence Agency’s job is to gather and analyse information from around the world, and use it to safeguard the interest of the United States. And occasionally to advance the interests on the United States by spying on foreign powers and destabilising hostile governments.

It’s not obvious why such a secretive organisation might want to join a social media platform. But it has. The CIA’s first posted photo seems to be a mock-up of a spy’s office, with a wig and a trenchcoat and a paper bag labeled “Top Secret Pulp.

According to CNET, the post also includes a few Easter eggs for espionage anoraks, such as CIA Director Gina Haspel’s original ID badge and a notebook printed with the agency’s motto, “Share what we can, protect what we must,” in Arabic.

But so far, there’s only that one picture.

Unlike other government agencies, such as NASA or the armed forces, it’s hard to see how the CIA will be able to consistently deliver the kind of interesting photo content that makes for a successful Instagram account.

But theyre already closing in on 30,000 followers so clearly there’s some appeal. Want to find out more? Follow them here. Maybe they’ll follow you back.

Maybe they’ve been following you all along…


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