The Best Undies For Working Out, According To Women Who Work Out


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From matching bra and legging sets to sport-specific sneakers and sweatfproof jackets, a regular gym bunny’s closet is full of workout gear that’ll stand up to her most intense sweat session. Just as wellness foodies have their standby kitchen faves, and yoga teachers swear by their favorite yoga pants, workout obsessives also have their go-tos, especially when it comes to gym underwear.

Casual gym-goers might throw on the nearest pair of clean panties and call it a day, but the pros know better than to rely on any everyday ol’ undies. Wear the wrong unmentionables, and you could be looking at some serious sweat stains, panty lines, awkward chafing, wedgies or even  a dreaded camel toe.

To answer the age old of question of what panties you should wear the next time you’re at the gym, we asked personal trainers and other fitness fanatics to bare all in the quest for the perfect gym underwear.

From G-strings and thongs to boy shorts, check out below the eight best undies for working out, according to women who work out:

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