‘The Atlantic’ traces a history of Trump’s bigotry


CNN’s Don Lemon speaks with The Atlantic’s Adrienne Green, who co-authored an analysis of President Donald Trump’s history of bigotry. #CNN #News.



  1. Lemon, the Republicans freed black folks from the Democrat's plantations 150 years ago. Now you are a professional race-baiter pimping for the slave-master DemoKKKrat party. It's time to unshackle black folks and leave the DemoKKKrat plantations.

  2. Don Lemon says right out loud here that he hadnt done the research before he let Trump make such bold claims on his show. If lemon had just looked into Trumps past before the interview then he might have had tougher questions. So lemon points out he is/was part of the problem. When journalist do the research for an interview 2 years+ after that interview they really are fake news or at the very least complicit.

  3. CNN is fake new, and everybody know it now. For the past two years, you have called the Southern border a "MANUFACTURED CRISIS" – with over 100,000 crossings of illegals per month, and contuinually posting photos that depict deplorable human situations or children, and mothers……You hate Trump more than you love this country. By
    now, everyone clearly knows that you are the marketing arm of the Democratic Party.

  4. After 2020 Trump is reelected and Rebubs have won back the house we can repeal the 22nd amendment to allow Trump as President of the United States of America past 2024..can't wait..

  5. Same sh@it..different day. Recycling news again. Blah Blah Blah…I have heard this in so many different ways over so many years by these news outlets. Newsflash…yes your President has said some stupid and insensitive things however that doesn’t seem to have affected the way he is running the country, America’s economy is booming. I don’t even live in America so I can appreciate that I am an outsider looking in, but saying that, I believe this leads me to have an unbiased view. I just cannot believe that people would not be wishing for his success as he is the one leading your country. You guys picked him. It is like some of these networks want him to fail but why would you want that? And while there are real issues in America, the Democrats seem to have one main priority – hating President Trump and taking him down. They’re worse then Australian Politicians and let me tell you – the politicians here are utter garbage.


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