Target’s New Fall Clothing Line Looks Like It Belongs At Everlane


What sets Prologue apart from other fall clothing collections right now is its mix of luxury materials like matte satin, textured twill and faux leather at extremely affordable prices. In fact, the entire collection ranges from just $13 to $50. It’s like getting an Everlane look at a Target price. 

“With Prologue, we’re looking to inspire — and win over — women who are drawn to a more modern, minimal style…which, by the way, is not the easiest look to create on a budget,” says Julie Guggemost, Target’s senior vice president of Product Design and Development. “It can require a ton of time and effort to curate, and many of the well-designed, contemporary collections are simply out-of-reach for many. That’s where Target comes in — it’s where we shine.”

Prologue is the newest of Target’s ever-expanding collection of in-house brands making fashionable styles within reach for all sizes and budgets, like Universal Thread for size-inclusive denim, A New Day for everyday wear and JoyLab for fashionable workout clothes.  

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from Prologue. Take a look, because some of our favorite looks are selling out fast:

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