Tapper: This clue shows Trump's tirade wasn't spontaneous


CNN’s Jake Tapper says a sign on President Trump’s podium suggests that Trump’s Rose Garden remarks were not as impromptu as the White House led on.



  1. Typical reply's from the far left! The Communist News Network spinning the truth and imposing their opinions instead of reporting the facts. CNN anchors condemn him for leaving one meeting and stating he still has to do his job as President even when under opposition. CNN states the democrats have every right to investigate him. Well wake up CNN. They have been investigating him for the last 2-1/2 years with a very democratically biased investigative team. Guess what? They found NOTHING. He leaves one meeting and you accuse him of not doing his job! Really! What has the entire democratic party done for the citizens of this country since the presidential election. I'll tell you, NOTHING! NOTHING but try to undermine a duly elected president. Do you think the people of this country so ignorant that they will buy into Russian collusion to win an election? I don't know anyone who was approached by a Russian agent and told to vote in a certain way. I don't recall seeing any Russians at the voting booths where I live. How many of you righteous democrats could undergo the investigation that Trump endured and come out squeaky clean. Not a damn one of you! The extreme left wingers are destroying this country but, it will come to an end. By the way, get ready for another 5 years of Trump because he will win again in 2020!

  2. This was so planned. How can the world take this man seriously as the president of US its, the courts ruling against him that he is furious. How can this guy stand there and say he the most transperent

  3. Hillary going to win- Fail
    Economy will go Down- Fail
    North Korea War-Fail
    Russia collusion- Fail
    Obama didn't spy on Trump-Fail
    Stormy Daniel's time-Fail
    Its Christine Ford time! FAIL
    Its Mueller time-Fail
    NBC Tax Return Exclusive- Fail
    Impeachment Time- Fail
    Never Build A Wall- Fail
    Obstruction of Justice time-Fail
    New and Improved Idea "Engaged In a Cover Up" Dont waste your time. Failure. These media people keep people at the edge of their seat like "We got'em now." False Hope Lol

  4. If someone calls you an idiot and you know that you are not an idiot then it shouldn't bother you, no need to respond.
    Pelosi does seem to get under his skin a lot.
    He has made himself look like a child throwing a tantrum.

    The only President in modern history to not release his tax returns and we should believe that it is all just because he does not think we have a right to see them. Given Trump's history of cons and lying, he is definitely hiding something.

    If Obama or a Democrat President did this, Republicans in Congress, Hannity, Tucker Carlson and and Fox Opinions (not news) would have been screaming cover-up.

  5. Trump bad mouths, belittles, and vilifies people in his tweets ad nauseam. Yet here he is, his nose out of joint because his political enemies deem to return the favour. How can such a thin-skinned light-weight claim the title of the most powerful man on the planet when he has so little control of his own ego?

  6. Trump is acting guilty storming around thinking people are going to back off if he name calls, throws a fit in the Rose Garden and gets all huffy. Wow, he must really be hiding something really BAD!!!!

  7. But you are covering up. They have to investigate, if you are not covering up stop stonewalling and let them do their job so it can be over and done with instead of dragging things out


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