Tanking could help Lakers land Anthony Davis, thanks to new NBA draft lottery odds | The Jump


Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Paul Pierce of The Jump discuss the Los Angeles Lakers’ many problems after losing the important Clippers vs. Lakers …



  1. Bird and Magic were 10 times the players Lebitch has ever been. They made teams better, they weren't just selfish scoring machines which Lebitch isn't even the best at in this league.

  2. It was really smart of N.O. not to trade Davis at the deadline. Instead of him going to L.A. and making a playoff run, L.A. is going to be a lottery team and their pick in the draft will be worth more. I think N.O. will trade Davis if the Lakers pick ends up being top 5

  3. Matt Barns is correct winning cures everything so focus on next year. The Lakers tank to get 34% top 7 draft pick is the correct business move now. My guess the Lakers next move is dealing with Luke Walton is Magic making a change? Steve A Smith been pushing for a new coach if Lakers don't make the playoffs on Lebrons first year on his contract.

  4. A team with Lebron who according to Max is worth KD + Curry, and Brandon Ingram who they said is the next KD, and they have Kyle too and Rondo, is gonna tank. Lol

  5. Same shit different team. It’s always lebron teammates are good enough, he needs more help, what about his stats…. Man I can’t wait until he retires, it’s so many other good players in the nba now

  6. 2:262:34 What did I just witness ? My man threw the ball off the back board while inbounding, bounced the ball into the commentators stuff, and let the ball roll past half court ? This man needs to retire, like now, before he damages the game of basketball anymore than he has. Greatest player of all time, are you kidding me, he's like an egotistical child.

    Their is something really weird going on with Lebron since he got to Los Angeles, and i'm starting to think it's not just basketball.

  7. The young talent on this Lakers team would've shined with Paul George. Instead they're being belittled by LeBron, while he displays ZERO effort on defense and shows poor leadership. Embarrassing…

  8. Lebron is declining rapidly his getting old thats why that 4 yr deal is a stupid move by magic and rob . As a laker fan i rather wait for lenard or george next season or other max player who is more younger than lebron .

  9. I guarantee the NBA will give them Zion to trade for AD, because that's the only way LA gets LeBlame a superstar. Kobe once took Kwame Brown and Smush Parker to the western conference playoffs and LeBlame can't send a team full of young stars there.

  10. Y’all said the young guys weren’t enough, and now that they’re gone he needs them? I thought he by himself carried them to the fourth seed with a top 10 defense. Lmao hold Lebrons L


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