Talented Women who were Overshadowed by their male relatives – BBC News


BBC 100 Women is celebrating talented women from history whose work has been overshadowed by their male relatives. Katsushika Oei was an accomplished …



  1. To understand peoples contempt for divisive feminist content like this: imagine a video chronicling all the times men got fucked over by women.
    What type of channel would produce that? It would be one that these same feminists would call "misogynistic" on the mere premise alone.
    Yet this feminist anti-male sentiment runs rampant across BBC output – that we're forced to pay via a mandatory license fee.

  2. So what you’re saying is… nothing has changed?
    It’s 2018 BBC, where every female achievement must be shouted from the rooftops because, you know… equality and diversity.

  3. Has it occurred to literally anyone ever that the reason there's no women queuing out the door to be a researcher of bioaccelerants is because they don't want to do that? I feel sorry for the women who aren't extremists, who just want to live their lives in peace. They're stuck in this awful dead zone between people thinking they're one of the crazies and the crazies themselves.

  4. I've literally could only watch 1:13 (before I vomited) & already the narrator has said Ms Hershel has a comet named after her, has 2 other discoveries in the history books as well as 1000's of discoveries with her & her brother & yet, she is STILL "forgotten". How the f**k does that work?!? Surely it should be only her brother discovered 1000's of objects if shes not important? Ah feminism, thou names are idiocy & self pity!!

  5. All I thought at the end of this was that the struggle between the sexes seems to be a very middle-class thing. Those who aren't fortunate enough to have a comfortable life afforded to them spend their lives overcoming real struggles, not invented ones.
    How many people throughout history have failed to receive recognition, just because they had the wrong social standing?


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