Stars on how to foster inclusion in Hollywood | USA TODAY


At the SAG Awards, stars including Jane Lynch weighed in on easy ways Hollywood can improve on diversity and safety. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: …



  1. These interviews are a hoax… Anyone who thinks that any of the interviewed is going to disagree with the "inclusion" idea is an idiot. It is like interviewing people at a BEEF convention…. How many do you think are going to say, "I hate cows?"

  2. Wow… just wow… you guys are really using the term "inclusion." You really mean "how do we exclude straight white males?" This is very basic deductive reasoning. You might as well just say it… or at the very least look up the word: inclusion and change your rhetoric, So that you are honest one way or another.

    Open your eyes people… your words matter and you are going way too far… i cant wait to hear your "final solution" to "the problem."

  3. Hollywood and NY always pushing racism against white people White Men in particular and pushing the fringe of society down society's throat everyday played out garbage pathetic trash Democrats

  4. Diversity is racist. When you look at a group of people and say there needs to be more diversity you're saying that there needs to be less per capita of the most prolific race. Diversity is the new racism.

  5. Isn't that what Nazi Germany did before and during WWII.They chose people based on their idea of perfection. When you make color or gender as a prerequisite for a job how is that inclusion?,sound like exclusion. That is why Republicans will win big in November,quietly the party has changed to include everyone without even caring about race or gender,they just don't make an issue of it.Republicans are basically the Democrats of 30 years ago.

  6. Women are already over-represented in Hollywood. And in the entertainment period, it's not reflecting the white male total population. If it did it would 25% all while male actor, singer, pro athlete, etc.


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