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Monaghan is one of the new additions to the cast but has already joined in the grand debate with a major piece of news. Alongside fellow Brit Richard E Grant, he will star in Episode IX and both have been bombarded with questions about the final film in the nine-movie series. With hopes fading fans will see any footage, teaser trailer or otherwise, before Star Wars Celebration in April, feverish attention has turned to the title.

It is already extremely late for any kind of revelation and fans have been going direct to the cast with blunt questions.

Monaghan unwisely asked his fans on Instagram: “How can I make your Monday easier?”

The obvious reply was; “Episode IX title, pretty please.”

The actor, unsurprisingly could not reveal it, but for a particularly surprising reason: “

Monaghan said on Instagram: “Only JJ Abrams knows. It’ good to have secrets on Star Wars.”

How can this possibly be true? Don’t they have merchandise, logos and so on which need the title?

Star Wars gatekeeper Pablo Hidalgo recently claimed: “If it has a title, I don’t know it.” 

Furthermore, surely more people than Abrams must know? What about Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy? As one fan pointed out, she would have to sign off on the title.

Recent leaks have claimed the title is “Balance of the Force.”

It did not meet with fan approval. There is also considerable speculation over whether the third movie’s title will complete a sentence started by “The Force Awakens The Last Jedi…”

Our current favourite suggestion is “From His Nap.”



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